Where to Find and Buy Different Nitrile Glove Brands in Canada or US

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Nitrile gloves are important pieces in any protective clothing kit. They are the most sought type of glove across various industries in Canada but it wasn’t always like this. Before examination gloves were made, nurses and doctors used to go about their work without protective covering on their hands. 

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This all changed in 1889 when Dr. William Halstead saw that his nurse and would-be wife had rashes on her hands from handling various chemicals. Dr. Halstead contacted Goodyear Rubber Company and requested for rubber gloves to be made for her hands. What followed was an instant success. 


Fast forward to a century later, gloves became a common staple in a growing variety of daily activities. During this time, latex gloves were the most prominent disposable glove in the market. 


With the increase in usage was an increase in demand and consequently, prices. Ultimately, this led to the need for a cheaper alternative and most especially, one that was suitable with petroleum-based products. Cue nitrile gloves. 


Nitrile, the material used in the manufacture of nitrile gloves, was invented by combining butadiene and acrylonitrile. The emergence of nitrile gloves into the market was a game-changer because it solved the need for gloving solutions with better chemical resistance and durability. 


Today, many industries both in the medical and industrial fields prefer the use of nitrile gloves. Canada has a lot of stores that supply these gloves to the market. Here’s a full guide on where you can find and buy different nitrile gloves Canada. But first, let’s take an in-depth look into the benefits provided by nitrile gloves. 


The Benefits of Using Disposable Nitrile Gloves 

1. Offer Great Resistance and Durability

The nitrile compound used to make nitrile gloves is very tough and durable. The gloves have a long shelf life and can be used in hostile work settings for a long time. 


2. Completely Latex Free

One of the reasons people prefer nitrile gloves to latex gloves is because some people are allergic to latex. Wearing latex gloves causes serious skin reactions to some people. Nitrile gloves, however, are made from synthetic rubber that poses no risk of causing skin reactions on the wearer. 

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3. Provide Great Hand Protection

Disposable nitrile gloves provide the best hand protection compared to vinyl or latex gloves. A nitrile glove is three times more puncture resistant than its counterparts. Therefore, if your work involves handling oils or chemicals that pose a contamination risk, nitrile gloves are the best PPE for your hands.


In Need of Nitrile Gloves? Canada Has Plenty of Stocked Stores

1. 72hours.Ca

72hours Survival is one of Canada’s top providers of emergency preparedness solutions. The Vancouver-based company sells emergency survival kits as well as safety supplies at very affordable prices. 


If a variety of top of the line brands is something you are looking for, then your search will probably end here. The company sells a host of nitrile glove brands from top companies such as Maxill, Microflex, Dr. Oh, and Medicom.


2. Sally Beauty

If the number of stores is anything to go by, then Sally Beauty should be the biggest distributor of professional beauty products in North America. Sally Beauty has been in operation for the past 50years or so and the company serves Canada, the U.S, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, Spain, France, and Germany among many other countries.


Sally Beauty stocks a variety of nitrile glove brands such as Framar Pink Paws Coloring Nitrile Gloves and Salon Care’s Medium Black Nitrile Gloves and Pink Pearl Aloe Vera Nitrile Gloves. However, you’re allowed to make an order of not more than 4 boxes of gloves. 


3. Staples

Staples has stocked tens of different nitrile gloves for use either at home or at work. You can go for a multipack of 100 pieces and more so you’ll always have a supply for when the need presents itself. 


It’s worth pointing out that if you spend more than $45 you’ll get free shipping with your order.


4. To-Medicare

To-Medicare is a company involved in the export and import of medical supplies. The Toronto-based company has been in business for the past few decades and is involved in the sale of facemasks, gloves, as well as providing sterilization solutions. 

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As far as gloves go, To-Medicare selves clear disposable vinyl gloves and nitrile examination gloves. The company sells a full order of 100 nitrile gloves in all sizes at $26.99 and ships locally in Canada within 3 to 5 business days. 


5. Walmart

A simple search query of nitrile gloves on Walmart Canada’s online store will give you thousands of results such that you might easily feel overwhelmed. However, the online catalog is designed to make any user have an effortless and convenient shopping experience. 


6. CanMed Supply

CanMed Supply was founded with the mission of supplying North America with access to personal protective equipment such as facemasks, face shields, gowns, goggles, and nitrile gloves. The company sells products both in wholesale and retail and it ships within and out of Canada. 


7. Amazon Canada

Amazon has become such a household name that it would almost seem pointless to have them on this list. However, in light of how much the company has established itself as an online shopping conglomerate, it would be imprudent to not mention the company. 


The Amazon Canada website is a must-visit on your search for nitrile gloves. The online store has a host of nitrile brands for you to choose from. Unlike Sally Beauty, you can make your order in bulk or buy a pack or two for your home needs.


Nitrile Gloves Are Widely Available in Canada 


Because of how efficient they are as well as the numerous advantages they offer, nitrile gloves are widely preferred to latex and vinyl gloves. What’s even better is they are affordable and widely available to every Canadian. 


The nitrile glove best suited for you is dependent on the nature of your needs. As you make your choice, you should factor in all the materials you come in contact with either at work or at home. You need your hands safely protected no matter what.