How To Choose A Puffy Mattress

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Puffy mattresses are all-foam mattresses manufactured by the Puffy Company which is based in the USA. On a firm scale, these mattresses rate 5 and above out of 10 making them one of the best mattresses for both lighter and heavy sleepers. There are three types of Puffy mattresses; Puffy, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. Puffy is the cheapest brand, it is almost half the price of Puffy Lux and less than half of the Puffy Royal. The review below highlights all the details you need to consider before buying the best mattress puffy mattress.


What is Puffy Mattress?

Puffy mattress is simply a bed in a box mattress that was established after many years of research and trials. This mattress is designed in a manner that it supports all sleeping positions. It supports back, side, stomach and is for all types of sleepers.


Two layers of body adjusting foams cooperate to expel body warmth and entirely relieve pressure from your body. 


These flexible foam sleeping mattresses are produced in a naturally agreeable manner utilizing an unrivalled quality, non-harmful foam. The sleeping cushions are made in the USA, and Puffy dispatches each request on request.


Steps to follow when choosing a Puffy Mattress

When shopping for the best mattress puffy mattress there are some factors you need to keep in mind before settling for one. Factors like support, weight, comfort and many others need to be taken into account. Below are some of these factors in detail.



You need a sleeping mattress that can hold you in appropriate alignment from head to toe, so you don’t wake up with a spinal pain. All the three Puffy models offer this support depending on your weight. Puffy Lux works best for heavy sleepers while Puffy is suitable for average or light sleepers.



All the three puffy models offer good comfort but if you want best of the best go for Puffy Royal.


Motion & Separation

If you share your bed, you need to limit movement disturbance. If the person you share a bed with gets in or up, or changes positions, you risk being woken up if the mattress transfers a lot of motion to your side of the bed. Try the bedding in the store with your partner, and have your partner switch positions while your back is turned to confirm how much movement you feel.

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Another factor that you need to consider before buying a Puffy mattress is the heat retention of the mattress. Puffy mattresses have features that will help regulate this. So, when trying your mattress make sure you remember to try its heat retention.


Edge Support

The edges of the Puffy sleeping mattress will in general twist effectively when weight is put on them. At the point when a mattress has delicate edges as opposed to solid edge support.

Delicate edges are basic in all-foam mattresses. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses generally have more grounded edge support because of their firm coil layers. Edge bolster isn’t a significant factor to all customers, however, it can matter more for individuals who experience difficulty getting in and up.



Warranty varies from one brand to another. Warranties are normally limited, some can cover up to 10 years and are only applicable to the original buyer. Most companies will not accept damages caused by the user they only accept manufacturing defects. Before you purchase your best Puffy mattress make sure you read their warranty conditions.


Return conditions

Returns have conditions, however, most returns are free and you frequently got a full refund. You can’t simply get the bedding, try it for a couple of evenings and return it the next week. You are usually required to try it for a minimum of one month before companies will acknowledge a return. Make sure while trying you don’t cause any damage. Check the manufacturer return conditions before purchasing one.



Dozing on a cloud is never easy! For a reasonable and versatile flexible foam mattress that will keep you going for some good time, the Puffy is an incredible choice. The Puffy mattress is evaluated at $1,150 for a large size and can also range from $790 to $1350 for other sizes. Consider your budget then go for one.



Generally, people who weigh more than 250 pounds will feel like most mattresses are soft. For people with less than 250 pounds, puffy mattress is the best. For individuals above 250 pounds, Puffy Lux will work best because it uses coils in its foundation.

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Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another factor that you need to consider. Puffy mattress is an excellent pressure reliever. When you spend a night in a pressure reliever mattress you wake up feeling great because no pressure builds in your body. Be certain that the mattress you pick relieves pressure.




 Which brand is good?

There are three Puffy mattress models, the Puffy, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. Puffy Lux ranks the best, pressure relief and luxury are some of the features that make it stand out.


Does the Puffy mattress need to be flipped?

This mattress is designed in a way that does not require it to be flipped. It is recommended that rotate it 180 degrees once annually to make durable.


What type of foam is used in the Puffy mattress?

These mattresses are made of polyfoam layers and memory foam.


Does the Puffy mattress come with a sleep trial or warranty?

Puffy gives its customers a 101-night sleep trial on their three models. The trial is accompanied with a 14 night-break-in-period. If the mattress is returned within the trial period a full refund is issued.


 Are puffy mattresses the best?

Puffy is the best mattresses for people who weigh less than 230 pounds and are side sleepers. Its medium firmness offers good support and spinal alignment.


Which mattress is better Casper or puffy?

Overall, Casper has a good edge support than puffy mattress. Its zoned multiple layers and zoned construction make it sturdy than puffy.


How long does it take for a puffy mattress to expand?

The mattress takes 24-72 hours to fully expand because it comes in a box.


Do you need a box spring with a puffy mattress?

This mattress is a 10 all-foam mattress which doesn’t require a spring.


Final Word

If you are searching for a memory foam mattress that effectively relieves pressure points and that contours closely, then consider Puffy mattress. This mattress exceptionally isolates motion making it suitable especially for people who share beds. The mattress is moreover easy to care because its covers are machine washable and fully removable.