How To Find The Best Murphy Bed 

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The recent trend of moving into tiny houses has made multipurpose furniture the in thing right now. Most people call it modular furniture which you can take apart, move around, and make into something else than what it was supposed to be. Like a table that can become a couch or a bed that can become a cabinet or a wall shelving unit. One of the most popular pieces of furniture that fall into this category is called the murphy bed. It is so-called since it was designed and then patented by William Murphy in the early 1900s. Murphy’s original design was of a bed that can be pulled up and hidden to become part of a wall or to be hidden in a cabinet, and then pulled down to make a full-sized bed.      Nowadays, there are many variations to the design and even in a variety of materials. Originally, the murphy bed was made from real hardwood until new materials and designs came about, some have even made it very complex with the addition of mechanical hinges and suspensions that allowed the user to push a button and the bed would be lowered on its own, in the same way, that it can also be hidden when the bed is pushed into the wall or cabinet. However, the sophisticated workmanship and use of hydraulics made this type of murphy bed too heavy and expensive. It seemed that only the wealthy could afford the automatic bed. If you have the money to buy it and would love the convenience and excitement of just pushing a button then this type of murphy bed could be for you. There are much less expensive and simpler alternatives if you want to get a murphy bed and sometimes the classic and old design still is the best one out there. 

What Is The Best Murphy Bed? 

Ultimately, the best murphy bed would be the one that will fit perfectly in your home or living space. It goes without saying that whatever furniture you purchase for your home should fit in with the overall theme or design, unless if you are revamping your design style or trying to renovate and change it along the way. The best murphy bed should have a simple and sturdy design as it was originally thought to be. Since it will be moved a lot, lowered, and then raised again, then it must be made from real wood which has been treated and shaped into the parts of the bed. Although some beds are made from metal and other materials, the safest and most durable are still those made from wood.   But not all wood is the same, and since it will be used as a bed or cabinet, it should be made from real hardwood. This would make the bed heavy and expensive, but not as expensive as the one with the automatic levers and hinges. On the other hand, the best murphy bed should come with a quality seal and guarantee, in this way, you know that what you got is really of high quality. The best murphy bed is easy and safe to install by yourself or with help from family and friends. It should be accomplished as a DIY project and thus be used without much difficulty. The original design did not have any complicated machinery or attachments, thus, it worked so well for the last hundred years, then there is no reason that it will not work in the same way at present. Safety however is an issue when it comes to Murphy beds and most manufacturers and suppliers would always say that it is best to pull and push the bed with another person as it may be too heavy for one person alone.

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Where To Find the Best Murphy Bed? 

Since murphy beds are quite common, even a cursory search on the internet would lead you to build websites that have free murphy bed design plans, and you can use this to build your murphy bed. Not all rooms or living spaces have the same size and shape, and when it comes to tiny homes, customizing each piece of furniture is the only way to go about it. However, if you do not have the skills to make your Murphy bed, you can look for a builder that will make the best murphy bed for the dimensions of your living space. surely, there will be someone within your area that does this kind of project. On the other hand, if this is not possible, then you can look for a murphy bed supplier in your area and see if they have custom-built options, if it is not the case, then you have to make do with the pre-built ones that you can assemble on your own space. Find the best supplier that is near your area, but if none is available then you can search for online suppliers. You just need to find which one offers the best deals and support. Getting free delivery options is also a must since shipping the bed to you will cost much as it is bulky and heavy. 

How To Order The Best Murphy Bed?

Once you have decided to finally get a murphy bed, the next step is to order the bed that you need for your room or home. Ordering is not a complicated process, but before you order you need to make sure that you have chosen the best murphy bed for your space and home. Browse through the collection of murphy beds that the supplier has, check the dimensions and sizes to see if they can fit the space you have. If you are sure about the measurements that you took, then place an order with the supplier, but if you still have concerns and issues, then you can talk to the customer representatives on the website and they will assist you so you can get the best murphy bed there is. Once you have chosen the murphy bed you want, then you can place the order and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep. Once delivered, make sure to check that every component of the murphy bed is there and report any missing parts or damaged parts right away to the supplier.