How to Prepare Your Family for Summer Sports

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Summer is a time of outdoor fun. Part of that fun comes from watching kids play their beloved summer sports. A lot of time and energy is spent preparing the kids for their days in the sun, but is the same attention given to you, the parents?

As the parent of active kids, you will be spending hours out in the hot sun this summer as well. It’s important you have the gear to not only feel prepared but also be comfortable. 

It may seem simple, but gathering the necessary supplies for yourself will help make the summer sports season more successful. Everything from the right cooler and the right sunscreen to the right car insurance should be part of your summer supplies checklist. 

Car insurance isn’t quite as simple as finding a policy and checking it off the list, however. A car insurance policy has to cover everything and everyone. The policy you choose should ensure your child is covered under your car insurance policy. It’s the summer insurance you need to make the summer sports season a success. 

Best Summertime Sports-Watching Gear

Life after the COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the way we look at sporting events and the time we spend outside. Spending almost a full year away from the camaraderie and fun of sporting events has had major effects on the sporting world as a whole. In fact, sporting goods stores still see a rise in outdoor sports equipment sales.

The increase in sales isn’t just for the athletes. The parents of these young sports stars are buying outdoor sporting equipment for themselves. The sporting equipment of parents, however, looks a little different than the equipment found on the field. 

Keeping Cool in the Summer

The first category of summer parental sporting equipment is anything and everything that helps you cool down. The heat of summer can be heavy, especially as late July and August roll around. 

It’s vitally important that parents have the best equipment to keep them cool as they cheer on their athletes. The best way to do that is to pack hydrating beverages and keep them cool.

Yeti Cooler

The best way to keep your drinks chilled is to pack in a cooler. Coolers keep those beverages icy and close by. Not all coolers are created equal, though. 

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The Yeti cooler is one of the highest trending coolers of the 2021 summer season. Yeti is a well-known and well-trusted brand that rates very high in cooler functionality. These coolers not only keep drinks colder for longer periods of time, but they also stand up to the wear and tear that often comes from on-the-go, athletic families. 

This means the Yeti cooler will outlast the 2021 summer season. You can keep coming back to this cooler and know you will always have an ice-cold water to cool off with. 

Hydro Flask

If a cooler is too much or too cumbersome, you’ll still need a way to keep your water close by. The next best option is a well-insulated water bottle. 

The problem with many insulated water bottles is their lack of performance. Many water bottles claim to keep a beverage cold for long hours, but often don’t meet those claims. Hydro Flask isn’t like other water bottles.

Hydro Flask is known for its long-lasting cooling ability and volume capacity. These water bottles will keep your water cold even while spending hours on the ball field. 

You’ll be so happy with this water bottle, you might want to grab an extra or two for the young athletes in your life. 

Lawn Chair

The best way to ensure your comfort at the next summer game is to invest in a quality lawn chair. Most sporting events have limited seating options. Those that are available are less than desirable. Hot metal or splintered wood bleachers offer little in the way of support or comfort.

Instead of suffering through a long game on those bleachers, find and purchase a quality, comfortable lawn or stadium chair. There are varying levels of these chairs. 

The entry-level chair offers some comfort and solid back support, which is a great improvement over standard bleachers. The top-tier chairs are often more expensive, but offer much more comfort to the sports spectator. Most of these top-tier chairs offer more cushion and more support, but others also have their own sun shields or shades.

These chairs are incredibly light and portable. They can easily be stored in a trunk and be ready for the next game. 

Staying Protected in the Sun

It’s just as important to keep yourself protected while cheering on those kids and teams this summer. The protection here is, of course, protection from the sun.

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Long hours outside means a higher level of sun exposure and an increase in your chance of those damaging rays. There are very simple and practical ways to protect yourself.

Bucket Hat and Sunscreen

Perhaps the trendiest piece of sun protection this year is the bucket hat. This 80s era fashion throwback is making a major comeback this year. The bucket hat will keep you on trend, but, more importantly, it’ll keep you protected. 

Bucket hats aren’t the only piece of sun protection you’ll need. In reality, the bucket hat will help protect your head, face, and neck areas, but that leaves a lot of skin exposed. Investing in a good sunscreen is vitally important for the 2021 sports season.

The best sunscreen might be a hotly debated topic, but there are certain brands that outperform others. It’s a good idea to do a little research. Find some trustworthy and high-performing brands that offer the level of protection you’re looking for. Then lather up before you watch that next ball game. 

Check Your Car Insurance

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protecting this summer. It’s also a good idea to evaluate your car insurance as you head into the busy sports season. 

You’ll be driving a number of miles with your children in the car as you move from activity to activity. So you need to make sure your car insurance covers everyone in the car. The best way to do that is to name the people who will most frequently be in your car.

Most car insurance companies want to know who will regularly be in or driving your car. If you neglect to list a child or other passenger, they can refuse a claim. This can make a difficult situation even messier.

So as you pack your Yeti cooler, fill your Hydro Flask, and grab that SPF 50, review your car insurance policy. Make sure any teenage drivers are listed as insured drivers, so you only have to worry about that next baseball game.


Laura writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, She is a retired competitive softball player who spent many hot, summer days in the sun.