How to Reduce Electricity Consumption at Home

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We all use plenty of energy every day – from washing clothes, charging electronics, watching TV to lighting our homes. We all feel guilty about wasting energy. 

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Please don’t waste your energy by denying it! Weforum highlights that about 68% of the energy is wasted in the US due to various inefficiencies.  


Since the energy cost has become sky-high, it is necessary to reduce the wastage at home if you do not want to break your bank. 


Implementing small changes every day will create a big impact on how you consume your power. The things we neglect daily do not cost much, but these practices add up; thus, resulting in huge bills. 


Therefore, if you are planning to live sustainably, you will not only save dollars, but it will allow you to increase energy security and reduce pollution. 

Ways to Minimize Energy Consumption

So, how can you cut your cost at home? This article will provide you tips that will help you change your energy-guzzling habits. Thus, you can save the planet by cutting energy use and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.


Let’s get right into it!

  • Unplug Appliances

Several appliances utilize standby power, also known as leaking electricity or vampire power. Your electrical gadgets like computers, television, some washing machines, and microwave all possess a “standby mode.”


This term means that the electrical gadgets guzzle up the power when switched off or not in use. Therefore, it is better to unplug all your appliances and electronics when you are not using them. 

  • Install Energy-Efficient Lighting 

For one, if you do not need any light, turn it off. However, if you need lights, opt for LED lights instead of incandescent lights. 


Why? Because it saves 80% of the energy. For instance, a 20-watt LED light and 100-watt incandescent light will produce the same amount of light. Plus, the LED light longevity is forty times more than incandescent ones. 


Moreover, if you want to light up your yard, use LED or sodium lighting outdoors instead of halogen floodlights. These LED or sodium lights are more energy-efficient. 


So now you know which one to go for!

  • Go for Front Door Weather Stripping

If you are looking for a way to reduce air leaks through your front door weather stripping is a relatively inexpensive and simple option to go for to improve energy efficiency. 

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What it does is that it seals all the movable connections when you close the doors; thus, it perfectly seals the areas from where the air can leak, minimizes the cooling and heat loss, and provides better protection against air drafts.  


Furthermore, there are different types of seals and materials like foam, metal, vinyl, rubber, and wood that perform the function of weatherstripping.  

  • Opt for Energy-Saving Appliances

Nowadays, almost all appliances have star ratings. These ratings usually indicate the energy efficiency of a machine. 


Moreover, many appliances have energy rating stickers on them, and usually, an “A” rating signifies that a machine will be energy-saving. 


If you are going for an appliances shopping haul like dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, showers, freezers, and fridges, consider those that are power saving.  

  • Optimize Energy and Water Usage While Washing

Whether you are washing dishes or clothes, fill the washing machine and dishwasher to their maximum capacity to utilize less water and energy.  


Furthermore, if you lightly wipe or rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, you can set your dishwasher to light wash. Thus, saving energy. 


Plus, avoid using a dishwasher’s rinse hold setting because it utilizes gallons of hot water in each usage.   


What’s more, once the dishes are washed, select your dishwasher’s air-dry option. After the completion of the rinse cycle, open up your dishwasher to let your dishes dry. See, no energy used! 


Before washing your clothes, make sure if they are extremely dirty or not. If they are not very dirty, set your washing machine to a “quick wash.” 


Furthermore, why use a drier when you can make use of sunlight and fresh air? Instead of using an energy-consuming drier, hang all your washed clothes on the line outside. 


You can air-dry your clothes in the rainy or extremely cold weather by hanging them on an indoor line. 

  • Use a Toaster or a Microwave Oven

Toaster oven and microwave use less energy than conventional ovens. Therefore, it is better to opt for these two. Why is this so?

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A conventional oven heats through convection. The heat released from the hot coils surrounds the food. At first, the food’s outer part gradually becomes hot. Then, the heat slowly travels inwards. 


In contrast, toaster ovens use infrared radiation. These electromagnetic waves travel quickly and instantly heats the food.


Similarly, a microwave utilizes high-frequency and short waves that penetrate the foods to heat them. However, microwaves are much faster than infrared radiation, and they can penetrate several inches deep into the food. 

  • Lower Temperature of Your House Naturally

These are the ways in which you can naturally make your house cooler:


  • Close the curtains, blinds, and shades to keep out the sunlight rays from entering your house during the daytime. Not to mention, blackout curtains and shades work wonders.


  • Ceiling fans can ultimately make your room four degrees cooler. Thus, you can turn up the thermostat a little to save money. Moreover, if you increase one degree in your thermostat setting, it will allow you to save 10% on your power usage. 


  • At night open your windows to let the cool air enter. However, in the morning, shut your windows to trap the cold air inside the house.    


  • Close Your Refrigerator Door Quickly

Before opening the freezer or refrigerator’s door, think in advance about what you need. Thus, it will reduce the amount of time the door is opened.


The longer you open the refrigerator’s door, the harder the fridge has to work to maintain its optimum temperature.      

Ending Note

These everyday gestures to limit your energy consumption will help you to save energy and will significantly downtick the cost of utilities. 


Moreover, there are several benefits to save power at home. For one, minimizing energy usage is good for the environment. It helps to conserve resources and keep air cleaner. Plus, energy-efficient is equal to budget-efficient.    


It is essential to make these simple changes in your life and teach your children to embed these lifelong responsible habits in them.