Svolta Ace 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Scooter Review

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“The first thing I noticed about this scooter is the quality, this is built to last”


Perfect for your little ones to start learning the coordination required to use full-size scooters and bicycles. The Svolta Scooter is a perfect fit for a little beginner to get comfortable with boards and wheels.

The seat makes it possible for almost any walking toddler to move this on their own. In addition, the seat is perfect for adults to push younger kids who can’t reach or lack the strength to move it themselves. (keep in mind the weight limit is 55lbs) -See the bottom of the post for the bigger model.

“Perfect for your little ones to start learning the coordination required to use full-size scooters and bicycles. The Svolta Scooter is a perfect fit for a little beginner to get comfortable with boards and wheels. (If your kiddo is ready to move on to a regular kick scooter, then WeTheParents have a great guide.)”

To the point, if you don’t really want to read the review. The Svolta is a great buy for little ones who are too young to ride a traditional scooter. I would recommend this for younger children, it’s tough, built well, and can take the abuse of the destroyer. (that’s my kid)

So, I was asked to review this scooter. I have three kids, 3,7, and 12 and they are absolute monsters on their toys. I have no idea how a new toy can be broken so quickly, sometimes before we even make it home from the store. I call one of them the destroyer. My seven-year-old is not very big or coordinated, but he can ride a regular scooter like a razor. My plan is to see what the 3-year-old thinks of this new Svolta 2 in 1 scooter. Keep in mind that even though my sweet younger boy will be the one using this I have no doubt that the destroyer will not be able to stand that the younger brother has something he doesn’t. This means that over the next week the Svolta scooter is probably going to get ridden a lot, fought over, and beat to heck.

If the scooter can withstand the punishment of three boys, two of which are over the weight limit, then without a doubt its a solid purchase that will hold up.

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This is How it Comes

Sit or Stand Scooter

2 in 1 scooter



Most of you probably know what this is, but I didn’t. I am really impressed by how solid this scooter is built. Your kids have the option of sitting when they are first starting off and later progressing to removing the seat to be able to stand and ride.

The Seat

A great feature for little kids, I like that they have two different mounting levels for the seat. I also love that no tools are needed for assembly or to adjust the seat.


removable scooter seat


The Seat is removable and stores neatly in the front of the scooter. Yes, this is a 2 in 1 scooter, when your child advances this scooter is their next scooter.

My 3 year old was all about the seat at first. He has tried the older brother scooters, but he is unable to control the movement of the handlebars.


Svolta Ace 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Kids Toddler Scooter

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Lean-to Turn Handle Bars

Once he figured out that trying to turn was not going to make him fall, he was all about standing.

The handlebars don’t actually turn which at first I thought something was wrong with them. I have never seen a lean-to turn scooter. It actually makes perfect sense for little kids. I didn’t realize it was the handlebars on a normal scooter that made it hard for little kids to use.

You should have seen his smile, he loved being a big boy with his brothers standing on the scooter.

The handlebars also have adjustable heights for different size kids.


Color combinations

Available in Red/Aqua or Teal/Gray. The company has gone out of its way to appeal to any gender that may be using this. The color combinations are very neutral for those that care about this.

I think it leaves a lot of opportunities to customize it with stickers.

Customer Sevice and Warranty

From their website
“ All SVOLTA scooter products include a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty protects against defects and faults in craftsmanship. If the product has a manufacturing fault we will repair it or send out spare parts free of charge. If not practical to repair it we will, at our discretion, replace the product.
Who is covered? The original purchaser who bought the product from an authorized dealer. Registration is required”


Did you catch that last part, registration required- I hate it when companies make me register for something. It’s great that parts will be sent free of charge, but come on I got enough to keep track of with my kids. Don’t make me register products.

Svolta Customer Service

I was told to test out the customer service so here goes, why is it so hard to reach a company on Amazon?

I instead went direct to their website.

If you need to reach the company for assistance here is the contact info

Let’s Talk Reviews

Are there a lot of customer reviews? No, not at all. In fact, it’s hard to find any reviews. They are a new company so I think its probably expected to not be able to find many reviews. It also tells me that they are not involved with the fake review practice like so many other companies are doing.

Let’s compare this to other Styles of Scooters

Who is this for? It’s not for even 6-7 year olds. This scooter is designed for young toddlers from 1-5. It designed to make it easy for them to get started with scooters.

There really isn’t much to compare it too in different styles. Sure there are other manufacturers, but I have not idea how those hold up. My kids only tested the Svolta Ace Model.

Razor A2 Kick Scooter for Kids

A Razor scooter handlebars move too freely for young children to steer. The overall size is too big and the balance on two wheels is a big challenge for toddlers.



Huffy Kids Preschool Scooter

The three wheels are more balanced but the lack of lean-to steering shows that this is not designed for the toddler in mind. The Svolta is for those as young as 1 this would be good for a kid who is at least 3 or older.




Scolta Mega Lean-to Scooter

Svolta also makes a bigger size lean to scooter for larger children.

SVOLTA Mega 3-Wheel Scooter for Kids
This one is rated up to 110lbs

You can buy these scooters directly from Svolta or at Amazon store. See Svolta Scooters Here