How to Use a Digital Thermometer

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Thermometers are the most used devices to measure body temperatures. Almost all homes across the globe have a thermometer in their medical cupboard to measure body temperature during fever. However, the uses of thermometers aren’t limited to measuring body temperature. They are widely used in various industries to measure the temperature for various purposes. Although in the early days, analogue thermometers were the most popular, these days a digital thermometer is preferred because it gives a quick and accurate reading. 

Digital thermometerdigital thermometer

Digital thermometers measure the temperature with the help of an electronic circuit. The information captured is sent to a microchip which then processes the data and displays the result numerically on a digital screen. Digital thermometers are easy to use and offer fast, accurate results at relatively lower costs.

Digital thermometers can be for clinical or industrial uses. Regardless of the type and use, they have a high level of accuracy.

Industrial uses of digital thermometers

Digital thermometers are used to determine the desired safe minimum internal temperature of food products like eggs, meat or poultry. This is to destroy any harmful microorganisms that may be present in the food. In this method, the digital thermometer is placed in the food product and the measurement is read. Similarly, digital thermometers are also used to do temperature checks on refrigerated beverages.

They are also used in machine building, automotive, refrigeration, and other industrial applications

How to use a digital thermometer 

No matter what type of thermometer you use, you should always follow the instructions that come with it. In the case of a thermometer that runs on batteries, it would be a wise move to check them before use. Weak batteries might show inconsistent readings.

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You can use a clinical digital thermometer in the following ways:  

Oral:oral digital thermometer

In this method, the thermometer is placed under the tongue of the person whose temperature is to be measured. This method is best suited for adults as well as children aged 4 and above – people who can hold the thermometer in their mouth. Place the digital thermometer under the tongue until it makes a beep sound. Once the thermometer beeps, remove it and read it.


In this method, the thermometer is placed in the armpit. For reading the temperature, put the end of the thermometer in the center of the armpit. Keep the arm down, close to the side. Hold the device tightly in place until it beeps. Remove the thermometer and read it.

The choice of thermometers largely depends on the use. Whether it is clinical or industrial use, there is a wide range of contactless, wireless digital thermometers available in the market today. They are very easy to use as in most cases you just have to point the reader to measure the temperature, and you’ll get a reading within seconds.