How to Use a Meat Slicer – The Complete Guide

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Commonly referred to as a food slicer, a meat slicer is a useful tool in supermarkets, butcher shops, and homes to slice vegetables, meats, and cheeses. However, did you know that the first meat slicer was created in 1898 by Wilhelm Van Berkel?


Currently, meat slicers come in all different designs and shapes. In this article, we will walk you through a detailed description of how to use a meat slicer. Understand that you need to exercise caution when using your meat slicer because they can be rather dangerous.

how to use a meat slicer

Getting the right home meat slicer


Although a knife will get the job done, a home meat slicer will simplify the entire process and save you a lot of time. You can quickly cut pieces of bread, fruits, cheeses, meats, and vegetables, which is fantastic for homes with large families.


If your family enjoys regular sandwiches and jerky, you need to invest in the right home meat slicer. Below are the fundamental factors that you need to consider when purchasing a home meat slicer.




Understand that you need to work with a budget when buying any piece of equipment. The expensive high-end models are commonly used in commercial settings and are not suitable for home use. Get a heavy-duty slicer that falls within your budget.


Power and Speed


Note that high wattage motors will get you faster cuts and more efficiency. The power of your motor will also dictate how long you can use your meat slicer. Some models will quickly overheat, which will force you to take a break between cuts. Ensure that you carefully consider power and speed, primarily when you regularly work with frozen meats.

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Note that the meat slicer isn’t designed for cutting meats only. There are a lot of other uses that you can get with a high-end meat slicer. You can use your meat slicer for foods that require thin-slicing such as potato chips. Have you always wanted to get the right cuts of sliced onions for your salad? The right meat slicer will undoubtedly come in handy.




You want a meat slicer that is long-lasting, mainly because you will spend a fortune during purchase. Ensure that you purchase a high-quality meat slicer that is constructed from durable material. Such meat slicers will endure prolonged use without needing any replacements. Ever wonder how long deli meats last?-Find out here




The first thing that you have to consider is the counter space in your kitchen. Ensure that you carefully determine the amount of room you have available in your kitchen. Note that you need somewhere to put your meat slicer to make the most out of it.


Using a Meat Slicer


Using a meat slicer is quite simple and straightforward. However, ensure that you exercise caution when using your home meat slicer. This machine can be rather dangerous when mishandled or used for unintended purposes.


  • Install your home meat slicer on a surface with sufficient strength and stability to support it while in the kitchen
  • Ensure that your power source has an identical voltage as your meat slicer.
  • Turn your home meat slicer on and allow it to tun for a couple of minutes. This should help you ensure that the meat slicer is functioning appropriately.
  • Make sure that the blade is rotating in a counterclockwise function with the power button lit.
  • Use the thickness regulator to determine the slice thickness that best suits your needs
  • Use the push handle to place the product firmly over the blade for a more consistent cut.
  • Once you are done slicing your product, ensure that you change the settings back to zero.
  • You can now turn off the machine.
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You will need to sharpen your meat slicer after a while of continued use. However, note that the sharpening process is rather labor-intensive and takes a while to complete. Your meat slicer includes a detailed instructional in the box. Ensure that you follow the steps highlighted on how to sharpen the blades when they get dull.


Ensure that you find the right meat slicer that suits your needs. It is quite impractical to spend a fortune on a commercial model when you won’t use it often. Look at customer reviews to help you understand whether a particular model is right for you. Next up, its all about brisket!