How to Use Humminbird Ice 35 Ice Fishing Flasher

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Do you plan on going ice fishing? You need the best fishing flashing equipment. Technology allows you to get fish even in water covered with thick ice. Humminbird ice 35 fishing flasher is a must-have for this fun outdoor adventure. (video Below for full instruction)

ice fishing

Not only does this equipment help you find fish, but it also makes ice fishing way easier. It is a new piece in the market; hence you may wonder how to use Humminbird ice 35 ice fishing flasher. Here are some simple guides on how to use Humminbird ice 35 ice fishing flasher.

Turning On the Unit

First, turn on the unit. This fish flasher uses a battery as a source of power. Before going fishing, charge your battery till it’s full. Use the charger provided and let it charge up to eight hours. Ensure it is fully charged so that it won’t go off on you when fishing. When you are ready to fish, turn on the fish flasher. Turn the range dial to A (AUTO). These powers on the equipment.

Turning on the unit

Dropping the Transducer

Secondly, drop the transducer into the ice hole. Push it further down below the bottom edge. This allows the signal to spread in the water and not bounce back from the ice.

 To know if the transducer is working perfectly, you will see a red line displayed at the dial. That red line represents the bottom. The Humminbird ice 35 has a high-frequency transducer. This transducer, therefore, enables the spotting of targets deep in the water column.

Setting the Range

Thirdly set the expected range. Any angler knows that the fishing depth is key. Knowing how deep you are fishing saves you time and energy. The Humminbird ice 35 fishing flasher can read up to 250 feet of water. This gives you room to find fish in even deeper waters. When setting the range, know the depth you want. Then set a few inches more.  

For example, if you the depth you want is 41 feet, set the range at 45 feet. The fish finder has great controls. Adjusting to wider ranges is easy with the Humminbird ice 35. Use the dial buttons to adjust anything.

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Adjusting the Gain

The fourth step is to adjust the gain. What is ‘the gain’? Gain refers to the amount of power that a transducer emits. This is what essentially controls the sonar signal. The signal moves from the transducer to the water and back to the unit. This means that the deeper the water, the more gain is needed.  

To adjust the gain correctly, turn it up till there is a lot of interference. Then back it off slowly. Do this till the screen is clearer. At this point, you expect a good indication of any activity in the water. It also gives the best gain. In the Humminbird ice 35, use the top dial to adjust the gain.

Zooming In

The next step is to zoom in. Zooming in improves the resolution. It also increases the sensitivity, allowing you to have a much clearer view of the water bottom. Zoom in enough to the water section that is most likely to hold more fish. For instance, if you set the range at 45, zoom in till it’s only the bottom 10 feet that show on the screen.

Ensure you understand the zoom on your Humminbird before proceeding. The Humminbird ice 35 fishing flasher has a wide range zoom. This allows you to focus on the screen to see full detail readings easily. It also has target separation capabilities allowing to spot even the tiny fish. 


Finally, start jigging. This is a very important stage as it determines if you will catch a fish or not. Drop the lure in the hole. Check the screen to see your lure. Ideally, the lure appears as a bar. Make that bar as thin as you can. Do this by fine-tuning the gain. This helps you differentiate it from any other movement in the water.

If the bar is not a straight solid line, repeat step 4. Increase the gain till the line is no longer flickering. At this point, any other line you see is undoubtedly the baitfish or your day’s catch.

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More Tips On Using the Humminbird Ice 35 Fishing Flasher

Demo Mode

This fish finder allows you to have a simple demonstration of how the equipment works when underwater. To turn it to the demo mode, press and hold the top dial while simultaneously turning on the fish flasher. It automatically begins the demonstration.

This is the best way to test if the equipment is ready for use. Additionally, you get the chance to figure out the equipment at home and avoid confusion out in the field.

Adjusting Interference

Any angler knows that before you get it right, there is a lot of interference. This interference gives unclear information and thus being a big inconvenience. But do not worry. With the Humminbird ice 35 fishing flasher, there is a noise button. Use the noise button to adjust the interference and get clear readings.

Switching Between Frequencies

In addition to the above, the Humminbird ice 35 has a beam button. The beam button allows the angler to switch between the frequencies on the transducer. This fish flasher has two cone angles that function as the frequencies.

Checking the Battery level

Escape the hustle of guessing the remaining battery charge when ice fishing. This fish flasher does a fine job of telling how much battery power you still have. Simply long-press the beam button, and the battery charge displays on the screen. Cool right!


Ice fishing is becoming more common these days. Since you know how to use Humminbird ice 35 fishing flasher, get ahead of everyone and own it. It has all the necessary features to make ice fishing experience like no other. 

However, before using the Humminbird ice 35, read the manual. Using this equipment begins from assembling it correctly and ends with your day’s catch. This equipment comes with several other added advantages. So take your time to understand it before going out fishing. Also, enjoy every minute of ice fishing with its long-lasting battery.