How to use Instagram Stickers?

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Instagram is a social media app that allows users to post pictures and videos. The followers of an account can like, comment, and share their posts with other people. People follow others in hopes of receiving likes on their posts. Some people spend hours each day following accounts they don’t know just to increase the number of likes on their profile. Others rely on using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo to grow their followers and reach massive audiences. There are many built-in tools you can use as well, meaning there are multiple ways to make your profile stand out.

One of these tools is Instagram stickers. These stickers are really fun ways of adding some personality and creativity to your posts so that they stand out in the feed a lot more than they ordinarily would have in the first place. You can find a sticker for anything from a heart-shaped coffee cup to a pizza slice by using the search bar at the top of Instagram’s app on Android or iOS devices. Use this guide as you explore how to use Instagram Stickers!


What are Instagram stickers and how to use them?

A lot of you may be wondering what Instagram stickers are but if you have ever taken the time to watch even one single story on Instagram then you have seen an Instagram sticker, In terms of what they are, they are icons or stickers that can be added to the story by simply using the drop-down option at the top before posting. You can paste a gif or even just a regular sticker to provide further context concerning your post. It’s important for you to use stickers because it will attract an audience and make them linger on your profile a lot longer than they would if it was just a plain post with no sticker on it for them to view. There are a variety of stickers for you to use, so for the next point, we will be running through the types of stickers that you can use on Instagram.

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Types of Stickers

There are honestly so many different types of stickers – location, mention, hashtag, captions, donation, music, and so forth – and each of them have their function or meaning. For example, using a location sticker will show your followers the exact location where that photo was taken. This is great if you went to a restaurant and your followers are curious about where they can go to find that exact restaurant. You can also use the mention sticker to tag the actual restaurant so that your followers can find their account, and even check the menu themselves. Another great use of the mention sticker is if you are working with a brand then you can tag the brand and allow your followers to easily use your discount code to purchase their product. The music sticker is a great feature as it indicates to the user that they should turn their volume up to hear the music and the great thing about having music on a story is that it adds a sort of ambiance that is unlike any other and way better than an audio-less story. If you are running any challenges, you can use the hashtag sticker and if you are running a donation, you can also use the donation sticker which will help people immediately see what you are doing right off the bat.


Tips for using stickers on your posts

When it comes to using stickers, you must know where to add them, as well as when and why. Don’t overdo it but also make sure to use at least one sticker per story. The sticker should be visible but not too big that it obstructs the picture. Remember stickers are an addition – they are not the focal point of the story unless that’s what you are going for. Stickers allow you to add special and interactive features on Instagram Stories which is great because then your audience can interact with your story and feel like they are included. Good quality content will increase your chances of being seen by a wider audience, so this and other tools can help improve your ratings.

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You can see the importance of using Instagram stickers so don’t waste time and make sure to make the most of this wonderful feature.