A Broad Outline About Starting Your Influencer Marketing Campaign on Instagram

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Influencer marketing’s popularity emanates from the consumers’ inclination to seek recommendations and referrals from someone trustworthy and knowledgeable before purchasing any product or service. Businesses have responded to such audience behavior by taking to influencer marketing across the social media channels, including Instagram, which is the most preferred channel for companies to take forward their online marketing agenda. Consumers expect honest and authentic feedback from someone who shares similar interests in products or services to base their purchasing decisions on it. The concrete recommendation is much more trustworthy than word of mouth because it contains exhaustive information about the product or service and even indicates the sources from which it will be available.

Instagram influencers endorse products and services and keep mentioning them in their posts on social media that allow their followers to learn about the mentioned products and services. Since the followers consider their influencers as experts and mentors, influencers’ views acquire a lot of importance for businesses that depend on influencer marketing. It directly impacts the thoughts of those who follow the influencers. When you buy followers on Instagram, ensure that real people are behind it to use the network to augment your influencer marketing strategies.

Why use influencer marketing?instagram

Despite influencer marketing proving its effectiveness repeatedly, it requires a good understanding of how effective it will be for your business. Influencer marketing does not suit all types of business, and you must carefully consider the suitability. Depending on your finding, you will know if influencer marketing is the best option for your marketing needs.  Here are some reasons to take to influencer marketing.

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Influencer marketing helps to gain massive reach in the shortest time, and Instagram allows maximizing the opportunities by using its highly business-oriented features and creates higher engagement. The increased reach and engagement rate of Instagram is simply the best compared to other social media channels and the reason businesses try to bolster it with Instagram marketing.

Instagram is attractive to influencers

Like businesses that find Instagram most advantageous for fulfilling their marketing needs, influencers crowd on the platform that helps them build a large following and demonstrate their authority. Since Instagram allows them to engage at the micro-level with their followers, it is only normal for influencers to use the platform to build their strength and wield vast influence. A survey revealed that 59% of influencers chose Instagram to engage with the target audience.

Consider the cost of influencer marketing

Create a provision in your marketing budget to include influencer marketing because it can be quite costly if you seek celebrity endorsement for your products. However, the cost can vary considerably, and with some good planning, you can avoid some unnecessary expenses and stay within your budget without compromising on the marketing goals.  The type of influencer based on the size of the following is a factor and the type of industry that impacts the cost of influencer marketing.  Since the follower base’s size has a relation to the expected business returns, the larger is the follower base, the higher will be the charges of influencers for each post. The costs per post can vary between $124 and $1400 for 2000 and a million followers. 

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The type of industry impacts influencers’ charges, and the travel and tourism industry influencers charge the highest, followed by those in the entertainment industry, and the list gradually moves downward.

Searching for influencersinstagram

Track content

Look for influencers who are already interested in your brand and mention it in their content or use it to create content.  Search by using some branded hashtag that helps to find relevant content about your products. The posts that figure in the list might be some re-posted content and some original content.

Look for relevant hashtags

If the above method does not yield satisfactory results for brands that are not much established yet, change your stance and search relevant hashtags. Scrutinize the results like the earlier method and find accounts that created content that you find appealing. Make a shortlist of influencers and choose some of them by considering their follower base.

Use the right tools

To make the task of searching influencers, several easy tools are available, and you must use some tools that suit you best. You can use the tools to find influencers based on some category or relevant keyword. Some of the devices like Influence.co are available free, and other tools like BuzzSumo, BuzzWeb, and NinjaOutreach are even useful in finding influencers.

Set your influencer marketing goals first that revolves around sponsored posts, contests, branded content, and review and then approach influencers who can help realize the goals. Making the correct selection is important to achieve the goals that you desire. Depending on the influencer you can tweak your strategy.