Improving Essay Writing Skills is Good for Your Career

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Writing is one of the most essentials skills you could develop nowadays. If you are wondering why exactly, the reason is simple: writing is absolutely everywhere. Whether you write a check, write a blog, or write a letter or an e-mail to your beloved friend, you must use words cautiously to convey the right message. Without knowledge on how to do this, you might be surprised at how misinformation could affect your life. 

But forget about being able to communicate well with your friends and family – now think about your career. Learning how to write well is a tipping point in your college life; if you don’t do it while in college (or, at least, soon after you finish), it will affect your entire future career. You won’t be able to transmit the information that must be transmitted in a relevant manner and might end up disappointed with your results. 


To convince you that writing is important, we put up a list of ways in which this skill will help advance your career. Check it out!

More Creativity

The more we write, the more creativity we inherit. That is because writing takes us out of our comfort zones and puts us into the spotlight. When we write, we discover ourselves and our imagination, we explore, we experience, we let ourselves be. More than that, many times, writing helps us solve internal conflicts, which turns us into more powerful individuals. 

Remember the old saying, “Know Thyself!” That is great advice, especially in these heavy times. If you know yourself, you can change the world. And if you are creative, you develop problem-solving skills that can help you do that. At a smaller level, your workplace will also be happier to have you, since you will always come up with new ideas and new ways to look at various issues. You will turn into a more pro-active employer and who knows? Your paycheck might increase.

Better Resume and Cover Letter

The better you write, the more chances you have at developing a strong cover letter. This, along with your resume, can bring serious advantages. However, let’s look at the essentials first – a better resume comes with better opportunities to pursue the job or career that you are highly interested in. By pursuing your desired options, your lifestyle will change. You will become happier and happier! 

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Unfortunately, poor writing skills will bring you nothing of this sort. Having poor writing skills is definitely a weakness and can never be seen as a strength, especially by employers or people in higher-up positions. You will stand out to the interviewers in a negative spotlight, which is what you want to avoid. Thus, make sure you acquire the right skills and use them in a witty manner! Actively engage in the art of writing, whether through essay writing, blogging, letter writing, e-mail writing, journal writing, etc. No matter how you do it, just ensure that you do. It is highly recommended that you find online tools to use. Such as Grammarly for punctuation, software for making sure you are not duplicating other work and a character counter with spaces for writing which helps you to easily keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

Networking Made Easier

Being unable to communicate properly will open just a few doors for you – maybe some people will want to help you, but most of them will be completely uninterested in your work as long as you make grammar mistakes. On the other hand, writing well will come with new opportunities. When you are able to communicate your thoughts clearly on paper, you will give out a positive impression of yourself. Thus, people will want to meet you and connect with you. They will want to expand on the relationship that you’ve just formed. And since networking is such an important milestone in your career (as I am guessing you are already aware of), you must start upgrading your writing skills. 

If you don’t know where to start, the following examples for students  variety of unique essay examples on gun control might be useful for you. Check them out and don’t hesitate to reach out to writing services for help; we must all start somewhere, even if that means getting the necessary help at the beginning.

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Better Communication

You can see how these points all tie in together to form my point – as I mentioned earlier, writing will come in with many advantages, yet the most important one to re-underline is communication. Without developing good communication skills, you will end up disappointed with your career trajectory and might even lose credibility in your field. Before that happens, make sure that you put in the right efforts to make this work for you. To improve society, we must first improve ourselves; so if you want to leave an important legacy for your children, learn how to communicate. It’s the only way in which information will be spread further and thus, accessed by many. 

Some Quick Advice

I want to end this article with some quick advice on how you can develop better writing skills. Perfectionism takes practice, so if you want to start putting in an active effort into perfecting your writing abilities, here are some ways that have worked for students:

  • Try to write every day, at least for 10 minutes. Try journaling about your day, each day.
  • Read every single day and stay informed on the latest news. 
  • Find people whom you look up to and reach out to them. Write them an e-mail or a letter. See how that makes you feel – are you more motivated to improve your abilities?
  • Take classes in this field, such as Creative Writing or Essay Writing! You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that unfold. 
  • Use professional writing tools to check your work before sending it. There are many websites out there that specialize in this.


Writing well is an important skill, which is why you should set your priorities straight. Make sure that you put in a constant effort to improve your skills – this will not only improve yourself as a person and help you understand yourself even better, but it will open new career opportunities for you. So, wait no longer! Have fun and good luck!