Top 5 Software for Effective Essay Writing

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As a student, you want to always present your best work. However, not everyone is a great essay writer. While you may have the correct information, compiling it incorrectly can have a negative effect on your score.

Writing effective essays need not be an impossible task. Living in the information age provides you with access to various apps and software tools to help you improve your writing. Here are five software tools for effective essay writing.


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Hemingway is an app available directly through your web browser that allows you to do a deep and thorough language check. Apart from checking the basics like spelling and grammar, Hemingway also assesses the readability of your paper. The readability score determines how easy your paper is to understand, and grades it accordingly.

Hemingway offers suggestions on which phrases and words to edit and change to improve your paper. It identifies passive voice usage, long sentences, and sentences that may be difficult to understand. Through your use of Hemingway, you should be able to edit your essay to be effective, clear, and correct.


Readable is a helpful tool if you only aim to assess the readability of your paper. Using five different readability calculators, Readable assesses the average grade level required to read your paper. It then offers you a readability score and provides you with a text quality assessment.

Your text quality assessment tells you how many sentences you have, how many words, and the parts of speech you have used. Readable also characterizes the tone of your text. 

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This is a helpful tool because if your essay is written in an incorrect tone, it may lose relevance and effectiveness. The statistics provided by Readable can help you improve your essay to meet your professor’s requirements.

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Grammarly is one of the most important education software for students. You can use Grammarly directly through the site, or you can include it as an add-on to all your apps. Grammarly checks for spelling and grammar errors while also assessing readability. If you pay for Grammarly, you have access to advanced editing tools.

Advanced editing tools help you identify whether your tone and register are appropriate, which sentences are too long or difficult to understand, and when you have used passive voice. You can also use paid Grammarly to scour the internet for plagiarism and source similarities, helping you avoid legal complications while perfecting your essay.


Cliché Finder

Cliché Finder helps you to make your writing more unique. While it is essential to include certain quotes and elements into your writing to increase effectiveness, the overuse of clichés or using them in the wrong place can make your writing predictable and boring. 

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Cliché Finder is a free online tool that can help you avoid predictability while still producing high-quality work.

Cliché Finder does not simply eliminate clichés from your work; it helps you assess the relevance and effectiveness of the clichés you have used. If a cliché suits the topic and context, you do not need to remove it from your writing. 

However, using clichés just to sound smarter than what you are can detract from the overall quality of your work and may result in a lower score.


Manuscripts is more than just a standard editing tool that checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Manuscripts can find numbers in the middle of sentences, checks your layout, identifies compound words, and brings your attention to abbreviations. Manuscripts is also free, with unlimited usage. 

Once Manuscripts has helped you edit your paper effectively, you can also use the app to share and publish your essay. So, if you are submitting your essay remotely, you can use Manuscripts to send your essay to your teacher.


Not every student is a master essay writer, and if you tend to struggle with writing, you may lack the confidence you need to put your knowledge into words. In an effort to work smarter, rather than harder, making use of software to help your writing efforts can give you the confidence you need. 

Writing a good essay depends largely on knowledge and talent, but sometimes a good essay simply requires some support and a nudge in the right direction.