Is Instagram Verification Worth It?

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Imagine a scenario where a 12-year-old person from a very remote town could wake up one morning, pick up their phone and create an Instagram account for the President of their country. After creating the account, he declares a two-week holiday. This fellow would have been believed by all his followers if it was not for a blue verified badge. This scenario may seem like a joke, but that could be the case if there were no Instagram verifications.

Getting the little blue check on your profile on all social media platforms (not just Instagram) adds a special kind of finesse to your social media page.Whether you get verified via in-app submission or you pay to get verified on Instagram by going through a social media agency, verification is the ultimate status symbol in the world of social media. It is a sign that gives credibility to a social media account and endorses the user with considerable trust. The check or verification sign is not easy to get on your profile. But it undoubtedly adds immense value to a given profile. 

Meaning of Verification on Instagram

Like every other social media platform, Instagram also has a way to differentiate a verified account from an ordinary account with its distinctive blue tick beside the user’s profile name. According to Instagram, getting verified means your Instagram account is authentic and notable. This confirmation means that the Instagram account belongs to whomever or whatever the account represents, be it a musician, a public figure, a politician, or any notable global brand.

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Instagram verification ticks or badges are included to help Instagram users differentiate authentic accounts from duplicated ones. The blue tick or badge is are reliable criterion to distinguish a fake celebrity account or a fan page from an authentic celebrity account. And same holds true for brands. 

Getting verified on Instagram means you are a person of interest on Instagram. It means you have moved a step higher in popularity. Now, your account is categorized alongside the renowned brand, product, and people of great significance. The blue tick also means Instagram has gone through some process to ascertain that you are exactly who or whatever you claim to be before you are “verified.”

Unconsciously, the Instagram verification badges are now seen as a status symbol because they are rare and are bestowed to Instagram accounts that have completed a list of strict criteria. All the verified accounts on the social media platform get more interaction and engagements than an ordinary one because it is culturally believed that the Instagram blue tick gives a user more credibility. This general belief has given special recognition to content posted by verified accounts over content posted by ordinary accounts.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that Instagram only wants to verify people or brands whose accounts have notable web presence, are highly searched for, risk from impersonation and are well-known, and that need a level of assurance to earn the trust of the general public and the likes. With that said, in the world of digital media, one of the best ways to stand out from the sea of billions of users is to get verified. For this reason, there are agencies that can help you build all the necessary web presence and notability, and help you get verified on Instagram