Is Now the Perfect Time to Launch a Sports Equipment Ecommerce Business?

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The world has changed drastically in 202 and changed daily habits for many people. For those looking for a new business venture, now could be the perfect time to open a sports equipment/fitness ecommerce business and this is for a number of different reasons. Read on to find out more.


Exercise Habits Changed

Since the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year and subsequent lockdown, there has been a significant jump in traffic for sports equipment online at 23.2%. This is because the pandemic has changed people’s exercise habits with gyms and leisure centres closing, competitive sports not being an option and other forms of exercise no longer possible. 

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People Exercising More

While it is true that many places have reopened and restrictions are changing, many people still feel cautious and may not return to gyms until the pandemic is over and even then many are likely to find that exercising at home brings many perks. On top of this, people have a lot more time on their hands with so many people working remotely and restrictions impacting their social life. Finally, the fact that there is a health crisis and obesity is linked to more severe cases means that many people are trying to get fit and lose weight to protect themselves. 


Setting Up

It is clear that now could be a smart time to open a sports equipment/fitness ecommerce store, so how can you go about doing this? Much like any new business venture, research is key and you will need to source profitable product opportunities – keep in mind that it is competitive, so product quality is hugely important in this market. One way to make your ecommerce store to stand out is with the customer experience and fast, reliable and affordable shipping with a reputable courier. Consumer expectations are high when it comes to delivery so you need to make sure that this is a strength of your business.

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Branding & Marketing

It is then a case of building your brand, setting up a high-quality ecommerce store and smart marketing. Social media is a powerful platform for ecommerce and you should be promoting your business and showing your expertise with high-quality content for your target customer. The option are endless with this market, such as weight loss tips, video workouts, interviews with fitness experts, infographics, Q&As etc.


Entrepreneurial-Minded individuals might find that a sports equipment ecommerce store could be a smart business move in light of the pandemic and could be a great way to make money. Many people are turning to home workouts and this trend is likely to continue even once the threat of the virus passes as it can be cost-effective in the long run, it is easier with people working remotely and brings a range of other benefits.