LED Lighting: The Only lighting solution for Home and Business 

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What is LED Lighting?

LED Lighting is equipped with a light-emitting diode which is most energy efficient and fastest growing lighting technology. 

LED lighting is currently available in a wide range of home, office, commercial and industrial light products. 

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LED Colors Of Light is Measured in Kelvin

LEDs are sold with a correlated color temperature measured in Kelvin. Warmer lights will have lower ratings. They are on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000.

  • Commercial lighting applications are somewhere between 2000K to 6500K.
  • A higher Kelvin will be a Brighter whiter light like daylight, 5000K or more
  • The lower end is 2000K to 3000K, this is “warm white” and ranges from orange to yellow-white. 
  • 3100K and 4500K : cool white or bright white, may have a slightly blue tint.


LED lighting is Robust, Last, 

The LED lighting is robust and stronger than other light bulbs. They are  usually small and light, not heavy or bulky. They will still break and they will still go bad, but there life should last many, many years.

non toxic ledNot Toxic

When you break an old energy efficient fluorescent energy saving bulb, you know the curly kind. When you break these old style bulbs you basically create a hazmat problem wherever it breaks. The old bulbs have mercury powder which is released if broken. I don’t recommend anyone to use these. With LED’s you don’t have to worry about a toxic mess if you break one.


Importance of LED Lighting in the field of electronics

LED Lighting is certainly of great importance in the field of electronics, and without them it would be impossible. These LED lights are a great investment and also help you save energy. The LED lighting is quite often used for street lighting such as LED street lights, driveways, access driveway roads, gardens, terraces, etc. because these places require a very large amount of light, which is energy efficient and compared to other lights. 

Is LED Lighting available as battery back-light?

Yes LED Lighting also is available as battery back-lights.These work great for reading lights, portable lights, closet lights, and headlamps. You can also use it as an artistic light because these lamps do not emit harmful rays.

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LED Lighting fixtures are very bright and can spread light over a large area. LED Lighting products are extremely durable and not vulnerable because they have no filament. At the same time, shock, cold and heat do not affect these lamps. Lighting LED is extremely efficient, energy efficient and energy efficient, unlike incandescent bulbs, which give off 98% of their energy as heat.

Holiday Lights 

This type of lighting is also used by various people for decorative as Christmas lights to decorate their tree and to make it attractive because these bulbs are so large. Most of the time people used old technology, like lamps, which look very old-fashioned these days. You can also use LEDs as party lights as they are also available in different sizes and styles. Due to the small LEDs, a large number of LED bulbs can be accommodated in a smaller housing which can produce more light, take up little space and consume little energy.

Why do people consider LED lighting as the best lighting solution

People give preference to LED lighting at other traditional lights due to various reasons; listed below with a detailed note. 

Safest lighting Technology

LED lights are completely safe; they also do not emit high temperatures when turned on, so they are easier to handle than a hot bulb. You also won’t get the glass cases you find with other bulbs, and you won’t have to worry about things like broken glass or hazardous materials.

Best Brightness solution

LED lights now compare favorably with other light sources and, unlike CFL light bulbs, they immediately provide full light, and do not waste time “warming up”.

Main types of LED Lighting

There are several different types of LED lighting available and you will find that they are used in different devices with different levels of functionality.

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Kitchen Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

Kitchen Under-Cabinet LED Lighting is a popular type of LED lighting which is an increasingly popular style of kitchen lighting as under-cabinet lighting. It has several important advantages over other forms of lighting. First, it provides lighting that is more targeted to the task at hand. Second, it prevents glare by hiding the actual light source from the field of view. It actually saves energy as the directional light does not have to be so bright to perform the required tasks.

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Most importantly you wont have to change the bulbs all the time like the old halogen under cabinet lighting.

LED Lighting Tubes

LED Lighting Tubes are specially designed to replace the fluorescent lights and in some cases can be simply swapped with the old tubes. Other tube designs will require replacement wiring and new ballast. They usually work by providing a series of smaller LED lights along the length of the tube and are available in most of the sizes you would normally expect.

Recessed Downlights

Recessed Downlights are commonly used in residential kitchens, corridors and bathrooms, as well as in a number of office and commercial spaces. The Department of Energy estimates that there are at least 500 million recessed fixtures in homes in the United States, and more than 20 million are sold annually. Both CFL and LED technology can reduce down light power by 75% or more.

LED Strips

LED strips, strips have become some of the most popular LED lighting product that are easily available on the market. They replaced not only incandescent ribbons, but also some fluorescent lights, and definitely provided endless possibilities for advertising and decorating bars, hotels and other public places

LED Ropes lighting

These lights are slim types of lights, this feature makes them virtually disappear. They are tucked into the corner between the front frame and the bottom shelf of the cabinet or trims. Usually they are never seen, except for the light they emit. They do not emit as much light as some other types, but because they come in a continuous roll, they often provide the most continuous light available.

SMD LED lighting

SMD LED lighting is one of the new generations of LED lighting. The bulbs contain SMD chips that add extra brightness, making them a more suitable choice for both home and office use.