Lifehacks for College Students

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When you go to college, you’ll likely spend a lot of time learning, studying, and bring with your friends. That’s why it’s a great idea to understand a few of the more common college hacks, which will help make your life easier.

Make Paying for the Degree Easy

College is expensive, and it can be hard to find enough money to cover the cost. That’s why you might want to consider taking out a private student loan to cover the expense. It makes it easier to fit paying for college into your budget. And for many students, it means they don’t need to get a part-time job, so they have more time to focus on their studies.

Encouraging Yourself to Study

When there are so many fun things to do at college, it is often hard to make yourself study enough. That’s why you should consider incentivizing yourself to do so. Some students place a wrapped piece of candy after a couple of paragraphs or even at the end of the page. Once you have read to that piece, you’ll get to treat yourself.

Another way of making studying more pleasant is to color code your notes. That makes them look better, and it is an important way of staying organized as well. When you create a certain color code for different aspects of that class, you’ll be better able to remember the facts later. And when you need to look for that specific information later, it will be much easier to find. Then you can ace your exams. It doesn’t take that much more time to take good notes during class, and it can reduce the time you will spend studying from your textbooks. It is also more fun to use various colors during your notetaking instead of one pencil or pen.

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Learning How to Cook in the Dorm

Of course, if you live on campus, you might already have a meal plan. However, you’ll likely be hungry when spending time studying in your room, so it pays to be able to make a few simple things. For example, there are a lot of things you can make in a mug in your microwave. Whether it is dessert, breakfast, or even something healthy, you can likely get just a couple of ingredients and then put it together in your dorm. 

For example, you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave, and they only take a few minutes. If you like to experiment, try making your own mug cake mix at home and then bringing it to college. When you are cooking in the microwave, you can easily cook multiple bowls or plates at once. First, put one plate or bowl in the microwave and then a mug in the microwave. Then you can place the other bowl on that mug. Just remember, it could take a bit longer than normal to cook the items.

Build Relationships with Your Professors

You will find that college is much easier when you have great relationships with your professors, and you might need those relationships even after school. For instance, many jobs require letters of recommendation or character references. When you get to know your professors, they will be more willing to give you a reference. And once you start getting to know the professors in your major, you’ll find it easier to transition to these classes. So, if you have any issues understanding the course material, the professor can help you out.

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Cleaning and Organizing Your Dorm

You can make your desk cleaner by using empty toilet paper rolls. You can use them to keep your writing utensils and other things in place. If you don’t like how they look, you can use washi tape to hold them. Of course, you can also use a fun mug to keep everything in place as well. However, toilet paper rolls are often useful for holding cords in place. You can wrap up cords and feed them through the rolls. They are great for keeping the cords from escaping. If you have many cords on your desk, you could attach binder clips to the edge of the desk and feed the cords through the tops of the clips.

Dorm rooms often do not smell the best, but there are ways of freshening it up slightly. You can use dryer sheets if you don’t have any air freshener on hand. Place one or more dryer sheets against the HVAC vent when it is running. The room will then start to smell cleaner and fresher. Many times, dorms have limited space, but you can save some if you can fold your shirts correctly. Lay the t-shirt on the ground and then fold it vertically. You can then fold each of the sleeves to meet in the center. Then fold the bottom and top of the shirt horizontally toward the center. And when you place the shirts in your drawer, you can stack them up and down instead of laying them on top of each other. Since you will have more space, it will be easier to find everything.