The Best Gadgets for College Students

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Smartphones, tablets, and laptops continue being the essential gadgets for students.  Of course, they ensure access to the Internet and are useful for studying, staying connected and lots of entertainment.  Students may either find the information there or hire college paper writers who can help them deal with complicated assignments. However, there are many other devices: some of them can help with studying, others can automate mundane tasks, save time, and give other benefits to students who get through their tough time. 


There’s no sense in opposing new technologies and refusing to use them, stating that people lived and successfully studied without any additional help from gadgets and devices several centuries ago. Times have changed, and people must take advantage of the blessings of scientific and technological progress. If you’re already studying or are going to enter college, the following gadgets will help you deal with college students’ most widespread problems. Look through it to decide which one is necessary and make a purchase.

You may seem that the price of particular items is beyond students’ purse, and this is true. But be sure that this one-time purchase can save a lot of money in the future. Moreover, a significant part of students manages to combine studying with a part-time job. Why not follow their lead to buy a particular device? If you worry that work will harm your academic performance, familiarize yourself with the advanced writers review, and find out how this service helps thousands of students.

Amazon Kindle

Lugging heavy textbooks to college every day sooner or later will affect your health. We live in the 21st century, so it’s time to get away from traditional paper books and textbooks. This e-reader is an affordable and high-quality device, which weighs only 174 g. You even don’t need to have a scale to understand that’s 5-6 times lighter than the weight of several textbooks. But it’s not the only benefit of this e-reader. The long-lasting battery can last up to 4 weeks; adjustable front light ensures comfortable reading at any time. If you want to save time, switch to the listening option, and listen to your favorite book on the way to college.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Good noise-canceling headphones are a useful gadget for everyone. Students who live in a dorm room and suffer from constant noise will fully appreciate it. Wear them to drown out the noise or use headphones for the intended purpose and listen to music. They are wireless, so you may use them during your training sessions or trips, and don’t worry that wires will bother you. The battery can hold a charge for more than 20 hours, and a smart assistant can answer your inquiries so that you don’t have to take your phone.

MAXOAK 50,000 mAh Power Bank

If you carry a lot of devices, including a laptop, to college, a portable charger is a necessity. No one wants to go without the mobile phone or crash the event because of the presentation that was left on the laptop that is died. The battery capacity in this power bank is huge, so one charge will be enough to power several devices or power one device several times. It’s heavy enough, but if you often forget to charge a smartphone at home or like to travel, it will be useful for you.

Tic Watch E2

These watches won’t let you miss the important call or message. What’s the sense of spending a fortune to buy expensive smartwatches from world-famous brands, when it’s possible to buy this device with the same functionality. Tic Watch E2 is waterproof, so don’t be afraid to wear them while taking a shower. It’s also possible to use these watches as a fitness tracker. Built-in GPS, heart rate sensor, and sleep tracking function – what other fitness features do you need? 

Proctor Silex 33015 Y

If you look for ways to save your time, buy the slow cooker, and you won’t be bothered with cooking anymore. It will cook your meals while you’re busy with homework and will keep them warm until you decide to serve them. Buy it, and you’ll wonder how did you live without it. This slow cooker is affordable, so don’t worry that this purchase will hit your wallet. Eating in fast-food restaurants isn’t a good option even if you can’t find free time to do the homework. Don’t forget to give yourself a rest from studying. Professional academic writing service can give you such an opportunity. Type in the search query “I need help with my homework,” select the service and order your tasks online.

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 Hamilton Beach

Do you want to save money and time on cooking coffee? Buy this coffee maker. The advantage of this device is the possibility to operate it via your mobile phone: download the app to manage a capsule stock, set a timer, or launch the coffee maker remotely to come home and enjoy the cup of freshly brewed coffee. Control the strength of the coffee on your own; however, this device can learn your preferences and make the type of coffee that you need.

WD 2TB Hard Drive

Sometimes the memory of the notebook isn’t enough to store all the necessary information. In such a situation, a portable hard drive is the best option. Buy it, and you’ll be able to carry all textbooks and documents. Due to the small size and small weight, this device won’t occupy a lot of space in your bag. Data transfer speed is high enough, so you don’t need to wait for hours to transfer one application or one book to your laptop. 


The well-lit desk is the bail of good eyesight. Students are rather careless about their health, but it shouldn’t be so. The advantage of this lamp is the function of changing colors. If you prefer warm light or cold light, you may set it and make your reading or writing comfortable. It’s also possible to adjust the angle to your preferences.