Light Your Garden up With Solar Power

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solar garden light


If you are lucky enough to have your own private backyard, then you will understand how much pleasure can be gained from it.


Anyone dwelling in an apartment or condo may not appreciate the joys that can be had from relaxing in a back garden surrounded by flowers and plants, and with butterflies and birds coming and going.


It can take some work though to get a backyard to this state. When looking at ways to create a more relaxing back garden, often the simplest solutions are the best.


One way to create an outdoor space that can be used more often is to simply illuminate it. Adding some lights to a garden can transform it from somewhere that is only used in the daytime to an evening and night venue also.


Why Put Lighting in Your Garden?

The pandemic showed people how important it was to have their own private outdoor area. When individuals wanted to self isolate themselves and avoid social contact, the backyards of America became very useful.


Giving a backyard a general makeover means that there is always somewhere that you can get outside and enjoy fresh air, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the country.


Adding some lighting is a very simple way to change the whole ambiance and feel of a backyard. Hanging solar lights, in particular, can truly add some atmosphere, and color to a garden.


Casual get-togethers, parties, an evening with your partner, can all be held outdoors just by adding some lighting for effect.


Why Should You Only Use Solar Lighting in the Garden?

Of course, how you choose to power your outdoor lights is your business. However, there are a great deal of benefits to be gained if you use solar lighting.

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One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption around the home is to switch over to solar power where possible. Solar-powered lights of any type require no power from the grid.


This means that solar hanging lights not only look great on your trees and over decking, but they aren’t contributing to your utility bills. Plus your garden offers an abundance of natural light which is exactly what solar panels need.


Would Outdoor Lighting add any Value to a Home?

When homeowners look to make changes to their property, they often want to know if there is going to be any return on their investment.


When some renovations are made to a property there can sometimes be a certain amount added to the valuation of a property. On other occasions, making changes to a home may not increase the valuation but it can add a certain amount of curb appeal.


This helps when selling a home and realizing its true potential. Altering and improving gardens can certainly help in regards to adding curb appeal and valuation.


Homes and Gardens Magazine reports that a well-landscaped garden with outdoor structures could add 10% to the value of a home. Other reports put a properly landscaped garden as increasing the valuation by as high as 20%. While outdoor lighting might not specifically add any value to a home, if it is incorporated as part of a well-manicured garden then it will help.


Outdoor lighting will certainly add a certain amount of curb appeal and will look attractive to any potential buyers.


Why not Just Carry on with Standard Lighting?

If you are one of the many people today who is concerned with the state of the planet, then you will already know about the issues with fossil fuels.

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The MET Group believes that coal reserves only have 114 years left until they are cleaned out. Gas and oil are expected to go far sooner, although there may still be undetected reserves on the planet.


With these types of fuel being rapidly consumed, it is time to switch over to a more sustainable energy source. The most appropriate one right now is solar energy.


The beauty of using solar power is that many manufacturers also agree that it is a practical source of power. Therefore there are thousands of devices on the market that are already enabled for solar power. Everything from flashlights to power banks, to outdoor lights, can be purchased with solar panels attached.


The other good thing about solar power is that the devices are not big and clunky. Although an inbuilt solar panel is needed, it can be fairly small and discreet now. When it comes to garden lights, there is a huge range of choices, with hanging lights being a very popular option now.



Simply adding lights to a garden can give it a whole new dimension. It is becoming popular now to try and make gardens into places you can use the whole year-round. People are adding walls and roofs to decking to make outdoor rooms. Outdoor heaters and lights can turn a patio into somewhere you can sit even on colder evenings.


Solar hanging lights are particularly useful because they open up your garden to some evening and night use, without a huge outlay. They also require no additional expenditure on utility bills or cause harm to the environment. All you need to do is hang them where appropriate, and you can use them as often as you want, guilt-free.