The best clothing color combinations for men

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Getting your head around, which color goes with which, is something that guys suck at. You may be the hunk who ladies gawk at when he’s in the room, but only you know how bad you are when it comes to shopping for clothes. 

Pairing colors together is an art. It is the key to achieving a final and complete look. The right hues can make your skin tone appear even and adds a character to your personality. Apart from creating an influence on the people around, it also affects your perception of self.

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Mens’ Color Combo – Rules to follow

Believe it or not, every one of us has an emotional connection with the colors they put on. If you’re having a bad day, you tend to pick dull colors. In case you are over the moon for something, you want to show it off by putting on the vibrant and loud colors.

To make sure you don’t become the laughing stock of the crowd, you have to be very particular when it comes to choosing combinations. The first rule is to pick colors that go with your natural colors (skin, hair, eyes). Figure out the best range of hues, and then you can dress yourself up according to the occasions.

Colors produce varying reactions when put in different fabrics and paired with other colors. For example, when you wear a red jacket with a white-checked shirt to a meeting, it gives an aura of confidence. But a red jacket worn with a golden tee gives the impression that you had a bad hangover this morning. 

Your selection of fabric has to be done carefully, too. At times it may not fit the place you are in, and at other times, they may not be friendly for a particular season. Before you start buying your clothes for the next season, enlighten yourself with the properties of all fabric popular in the market.

Color Combos for Men – Our Picks

If you have been with us this far, you’ve probably been through these scenarios and want to pull yourself out of the misery. Below, we have outlined color combinations every man must understand. Let’s get down to them:

Navy Blue and White – The Classic Look

When speaking of the classic look, an image of a man carrying a briefcase pops up in our mind. Generally, men in the formal setting go for navy blue with light colors like white and beige. Even though the love for black beats all colors, but it may make your appearance overly dark.

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With navy blue, you can also pick softer colors like pink and light blue. As long as the combining colors are gentle, there is no harm trying them time and again. Touch it up with shades of red (a maroon belt or a red, dotted tie) to add spark.

Brown with Rich Wine – Simple and Stylish

Brown (including khakis and tan) should make up around 10 percent of a man’s wardrobe. The emotions that this color evokes are comforting, rustic, reliable, and natural. It is less formal and quite easy to blend with other colors.

The best combination, as per our analysis, is with rich wine. It creates a flattering and timeless appearance. You can wear brown pants and a wine-colored sweatshirt at work. And there is no need to change for dinner later on. If you like, you can switch sweats with a navy blue shirt or pick any neutral shade for that matter. Be it white, black, grey, or even brown. As long as it doesn’t look odd, you are good to go.

Dark Green and Royal Blue/Black – The Diverse Look

Some people may not agree, but green is a versatile color. You can pull it off with a diverse range of colors. You should know how to soften it up with other combos. The best suited is royal blue. It ensures to keep the overall appearance rich but subtle.

Royal blue or black are great options to complement green. Some people wear light colors with green, such as white and pink. However, this isn’t preferable by many as they believe it enhances the green, making it too bright. Keep in mind; green is not the color most men around you will wear. Only recently has it started to gain a lot of attention from the leading fashion designers. If you are a person who prides himself on his fashion sense, then this has to be on your shopping list in the upcoming season.

Orange/Red with White – The Unusual Look

Oranges and reds should only amount to four or five pieces of your wardrobe. They awaken feelings of happiness and relaxation. And no need to say, you cannot wear them in a professional setting (unless you’re having a pre-Christmas celebration!)

When you are wearing an orange or red coat, combine it with white or black. It avoids you from coming out too loudly and also creates an edgy overall outlook. There is no specification when it comes to bold colors like orange or red. Pair it up with dark or light; the look always stays a classic one.

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About red clothing, The Journal of Psychology 2014 points out that it makes a person look more convincing and persuasive. If you want to check whether it’s true, try it out at the next party.

Beige and Crisp White – The Savvy Look

 Beige is the most popular color among men. It is a safe choice when you’re going for your next jacket purchase, jeans, dress pants, or a coat. In contrast, you can wear a white shirt. It is less formal but also not very casual. It works perfectly well in the spring and summer seasons. 

When going for beige pants, we recommend you to take the right measures underneath. Find underpants to regulate the temperature and keep you at comfort during long hours at work. Merino Wool Underwear by Bn3th is an awesome option in these seasons.  

Moreover, the shade of beige is also important to consider. If there is a slight hint of yellow, you should pair beige with darker shades of red and blue.  

Grey and White – Prim and Sharp

Grey comes in dark and light shades. Most of the time, people wear it as an outer. That is, they wear a grey coat, dress pants, or a waistcoat. The waistcoat looks a bit casual than the coat itself. It combines best with white. Wearing it with other lighter hues like pink or blue is not recommended. 

For a casual look, you can select a grey wool cardigan, pair it with a white shirt, and sleek grey pants. Fill your wardrobe with several grey items as this is the color that will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

We can go on and on about the color combinations suited for men. But it is you who have to decide what’s best according to your profession, age, culture, social surroundings, and workplace. 

Remember, color combination is not something you can take lightly. Charles Darwin, in his book “Descent of Man,” mentions how male animals use colors to evoke their dominance. Recent research aligns with this discovery, stating colors tend to charge subconscious responses.

Make sure you fill your wardrobe with a splendid collection of colors and clothes. Aim to strike a balance with whatever you wear.

Have a great time impressing people with your persona!

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