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Cotton has often been called the ideal fabric for summers. But is it really like that or is it simply something that has been said so from generation to generation? And as we know, the properties of linen fabric are numerous. So, what is the difference between cotton and linen? Which is better of linen clothes vs cotton shirts tug of war?

linen vs cotton


The linen men’s shirts are mostly used as soon as spring and summer come. The fabric has numerous advantages for men of any age. Stylish, elegant and natural, that’s linen.

Linen shirts are a classic and are ideal for every spring-summer season. Some such advantages are:

Does not go out of style

Linen is a fabric that does not go out of style. Therefore, having white shirts or linen pants in the back of your closet is never too much. And if you are looking for a special piece, get a pair of linen vests and it will make all the difference.

A fresh and light fabric

Linen is a fabric that invades our senses. Elegant, natural, beautiful to look at, soft and fresh to the touch. Without a doubt, one of the most suitable fabrics when the good weather arrives and we want garments that dress us with style. Not only shirts, linen flats, for example, are a success.

Ideal for any occasion

Shirts and other linen garments give you style you on any occasion. Whether you want to be comfortable and cool while elegant at the office, as well as for afternoon walks. For beach weddings, linen is the star fabric.

A 100% natural fabric, friendly to the planet

We are increasingly aware of the damage we are causing to the planet. Linen is a 100% natural and very resistant fabric, so it lasts for many years. It is a type of clothing that prevents you from buying too man outfits as it stays like new for a very long time.

Does not warp

Linen is a fabric made of resistant fibers that do not deform even if you wash it or wear it frequently. It is ideal if you are looking for clothes that look the same after you wear them several times.

For all kinds of looks

With linen pants and some shirts of the same fabric, you can have hundreds of looks just by changing the type of footwear or some accessories such as sunglasses or the watch. A fabric that, above all, is characterized by its enormous versatility.


Good for your health

Do you know that flax is hypoallergenic and also helps you enjoy good blood circulation? Reject synthetic fibers and bet on natural fabrics such as linen.

If you want an elegant, natural, fresh and comfortable garment, let yourself be embraced by linen shirts. The identification of the gentlemen who look for beauty in each garment.


Cotton clothing, such as cotton socks also have extremely high advantages compared to other fabrics. The health and hygiene of our feet is something to consider, especially if we usually walk a lot, which is good as long as we wear the right clothes to do it.

Help with your feet’s health

You usually pay close attention to the type of walking shoes, but few talks about the importance of socks. Those made with 100% cotton help the feet’s condition a lot, like helping to prevent blisters. Beyond feeling pleasant since they reduce the level of perspiration, they keep us cool and sweat does not accumulate causing discomfort.

A wide variety to choose from

Using cotton socks for men we can prevent fungi, bacteria, or bad odors from forming. In the market, there are for all tastes, of all colors, shapes, and styles. Choose the one that best suits your personal style. The textile market offers a wide variety of garments made with different raw materials. We can find 100% cotton garments, as well as 100% polyester, but also with a mixture of both, and also nylon, or cotton and elastic fabrics, among other possibilities.

Best price to quality ratio

A very common mistake is to think that 100% cotton items are better than the rest or that they provide better quality. Usually, this belief is linked to the price of these garments, which is usually somewhat higher than the rest. However, the reason that they have a higher price has nothing to do with quality, but with the process of growing and collecting cotton, which entails more expenses.

The best garment will be the one that best suits our needs. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so, before ordering a promotional item with any of these fabrics, you should know its pros and cons in order to make the most appropriate decision.

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Good for the environment

The cotton, meanwhile, is naturally occurring so we can buy a shirt from organic cotton. It produces a very pleasant sensation to the touch and is a breathable fabric, so it is ideal to keep cool in summer and thus good for environment.

Different types of cotton

For many people, the blend of polyester and cotton is the most advantageous, since they form durable and resistant garments, which do not wrinkle as much as others, nor do they deform.


Available for Different purposes

In any case, the best way to succeed with a shirt, polo or sweatshirt, would be to know for what purpose the garment will be used. For work uniforms, the cotton and polyester blend usually gives very good results. On the contrary, if we want a garment for interior or for an activity that requires a lot of movement, a 100% cotton fabric is more suitable since it provides greater breathability.

Natural linen fabric is the most durable fabric. In fact, it is so durable that it is often used in currency to make it stronger. Cotton can become strong if it is spun several times. But even then, it doesn’t even come close to the strength and durability of all types of linen fabrics.

It is a great conductor of heat since it is made of long and hollow fibers. Although cotton has good absorbent power, it does not expel heat quickly and, after a point, it begins to adhere to your body. As flax is hypoallergenic, it is the ideal material for anyone who suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin. It also naturally repels bacterial growth, which is a positive point.



Cotton is a natural fiber, but it comes from the cotton plant. They are softer compared to linen. They are breathable but absorb moisture and do not dry very quickly. Natural linen fabric tends to soften after several washes. It is a bit crunchy to the touch and does not soften very quickly. This becomes a great advantage since linen clothes can go years without losing their shape. They only become softer to the touch and more comfortable as time passes by. In comparison, cotton is quite spongy from the beginning and, as a result, is softer.