Online Fashion – A Complete Guide to Order Perfect Clothes

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Shopping online is one of the numerous conveniences technology brought us. It’s so exciting to browse through the virtual display of every item of clothing you could imagine!


However, trouble comes when your long-awaited items arrive, and they aren’t what you expected. 


Luckily, you can avoid these issues with a bit of preparation and research, putting together stunning outfits from your home. 

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Find Your Style

The Internet is a vast space where you’ll find all things wearable, and it’s on you to discern which items you like. Let’s subdivide this problem into two parts. 

The Fit

The fashion industry comes with a fair share of jargon. Stores use phrases such as boot, relaxed, slim, and regular to describe how the garments fit on the body.


The terms also differ depending on the type of clothes you’re viewing. Examine your existing wardrobe to discover which ones you prefer. 

The Aesthetic

This one is a bit more elusive, relying on how you want to express yourself through fashion. 


If you already have a well-developed aesthetic, all you need to do is find the right stores. For more conventional solutions, there’s a wide array of options at your disposal – Forever 21, H&M, and the like


If you’re after something more unique, though, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper. Nihal Fashions is a great example of alternative options, letting you get your hands on items outside the framework of traditional styles. 

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Some of us aren’t aware of our aesthetics, though. The Internet can help:


  • Visit Instagram, Pinterest, or influencer blogs. 
  • Make an image collection of the outfits you like.
  • Determine the common denominators among them.
  • Check which of those items work for your body.


You’re already building up a style!

Make It Fit

Fitting is notoriously the most problematic factor of shopping for clothes online. Even when you order your usual size, the items could arrive too big or small.


Not all stores use a uniform sizing system, which could mess with your fit. Plus, there’s the issue of ‘vanity sizes’ that can be massively confusing if you can’t try before you buy. 


Luckily, getting your measures and comparing them to a sizing chart will help you evade such issues.  Sewing

Select the Materials

While the clothing industry uses a fixed set of materials, we all have preferences. Think of times when you tried something on and immediately took it off because it felt awful on your skin.


Climate is another consideration, especially if you’re purchasing garments for everyday wear. For example, if your country is cold most of the time, wool beats cotton for sweaters.


Your current wardrobe comes in handy in helping your new clothes feel more natural. Check your favorite items and read the list of materials on the label. 

Know When to Splurge

Finally, there’s the matter of knowing where to save and when to splurge. Of course, budgeting is highly dependent on your means and desired purchases.

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As a rule of thumb, if you’ll wear the piece beneath another item of clothing or for everyday activities (think sweatpants, undershirts, and stockings), buy on the inexpensive side.


If you plan on wearing your new item a lot – such as jeans, blazers, or shirts – don’t sacrifice quality for the price. Also, splurge for special occasions if you can.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for clothes online is a two-edged sword. While it’s super convenient and satisfying, it can get stressful and overwhelming, too.


Follow these tips for style, materials, fitting, and budgeting, and your quest will become much more successful.