8 Reasons Why You Should Use Lawn Signs For Advertising Your Business

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Lawn signs or yard signs are a perfect way of promoting a product, services, or business events locally. Article contributed by Sabahat Akhter, the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.

message to While lawn signs were commonly used during elections, they are also useful in conveying a your target customers, especially if you are creating immediate brand awareness in your local area. People will become curious about what your business is offering and eventually come to your place.

Lawn signs, as the name implies, are an outdoor type of advertisement that was usually placed in un-crowded, visually pleasing green lawns. Lawn signs can stay unscathed for a long time and dig well on the memory of the people passing by, thus giving a massive advantage to the advertisers.

If your business hasn’t tried using lawn signs advertising before in your marketing strategy, below, we listed some good reasons why your business should be doing it.


Traditional advertising like a TV or radio commercial, billboards, and even newspaper ads are usually quite expensive. On the other hand, lawn signs are relatively cheap but very useful in reaching out to the general public and convey a message. Typical lawn signs are made from cheap materials that would only cost you for as low as $0.65 per sign. Being said that, you can easily update or change your message whenever you like, especially if you are trying out new promotions.

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Even if they are made from cheap materials, it doesn’t they could not last for a long period. Econoplast corrugated plastics are actually durable and high-quality that can withstand different types of weather conditions. As long as your lawn signs are installed correctly, there’s no need to move them, especially during harsh weather. And because of its durability, you can reuse them over and over again.


Aside from being durable, they are also lightweight, so you can easily set them up anywhere on the lawn. They are also easy to move from one place to another, especially if you are aiming for high-traffic locations.


Since lawn signs are easy to set up and move to different high traffic locations, it gives your business a boost when it comes to brand awareness effectively. However, to make it even more useful, you should consider the places where your ideal customers live, work, or plays. It is also wise to put your lawn signs where traffic is stopped giving people more time to read your advertisement. And more importantly, always remember that the greater the visibility of your lawn signs, the higher the impact they’ll create.

Comes with Different Sizes

While common lawn signs are rectangular in shape, you can always have the option to change its shape that suits your style. You can even create double-sided lawn signs so people can see your advertisement on both sides of the road. Don’t also forget to use bright colors to make your lawn signs eye-catching.

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Environmentally Friendly

In case your lawn signs need to be replaced by a new one, you have the option to recycle the old ones instead of dumping them in the garbage bin, or you can donate them to a local organization for reuse.

Powerful Advertising Medium

You don’t have to hire a marketing expert nor learn sophisticated marketing strategies when using lawn signs advertising. You just need to know the perfect location for your lawn signs where your target customers usually are and offer what they need. The idea is to create awareness through word-of-mouth, so spreading your lawn signs across the town or at least in a 5-mile radius is an excellent way to boost visibility. And after all, a lot of millennials highly accept word-of-mouth recommendations, and it has significant influence when it comes to their buying decisions.

Aid in the ‘Rule of Seven’ Principle of Advertising

The infamous Rule of 7 suggests the average number of impressions a business has to make before making any sale. It means that you need to expose what your company is offering at least seven times before a person or a potential customer decides to buy. However, their decisions are also affected by the way you convey your message, so make sure to use compelling content.


Lawn signs advertising is an excellent and cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers around your local area, so there’s no reason why you should not give this type of advertising approach a shot.