Find the Perfect Ring Light for Your Needs – 3 Ways

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Do you want your videos and photos to stand out? Then you can’t not have Ring Lights. So, if you are finding the “perfect” ring light for your videos, then this article will help you to find the right one!

What are ring lights?

Gone are the days when you had to get huge metal halide lamps and other spotlight equipment to create a perfect light source for your photos and videos. These days, most of the influencers and video content creators are using an interesting light that helps them with the perfect light source. This is known as the ring light and it helps the content creators to record good quality videos, or click beautiful pictures.

Do you think an expensive camera decides the quality of the visual content? No, it entirely does not depend on the camera sensor or the lens kit. It also depends on the light source, and how uniform the spectrum of the light can be to etch out the details in the objects.

A ring light is an easy to use lighting tool that has multiple uses. The light comes directly from the point of view of the camera and it is made from several connected small LED lamps, that form the shape of a circle.

This light device can also be made from a single fluorescent lamp, which is made in the shape of a circle. If you are looking for brands of ring light Australia, you can easily find it online! The ring light was first used for medical sciences, and then augmented to these uses:

  •      It is used to emphasize details of the object:

    The design helps in evoking every little detail in the objects for photography. Due to the hollow nature of the light, you can easily place the camera in between and the uniformity of the light allows you to focus on specific areas in the shoot.

  •       It can be used in the field of macro photography:

    Does bad distribution of light always ruin your photography? Well, with the use of ring light, the light gets evenly distributed and your good pictures are always guaranteed.

  •       Ring Lights are known to generate color effects:

    Do you want to add color effects to your videos? In that case, you can easily use the ring light, and replace some of the white LED Lamps with other colored lights, and you will have the desired effect. You can also apply colored gels to various parts of the ring light.

  •       It is great for video production:

    When you want to create professional videos, you can simply use ring lights, and the job will be done. The ring light provides an amazing halo shadow, and it outlines the subject of the video. You can also use complimentary softboxes and sidelights to make the video look more professional.

  •       Many artists use this light for makeup:ring light makeup

    Many makeup artists use ring light during the service offering as the light can produce a daylight color rating of 54000K. It also helps compensate for the natural light, in case it’s not available.

Now that you know the applications of ring lights, let us look at how you can choose the perfect ring light for You!


The ring light depends on the shooting equipment.ring light camera

If you are using a ring light with your phone or iPad, you need to ensure that it can be properly placed within the circular structure of the ring light. But, if you are using a DSLR camera, the measurements of the light will change. So, buy the light which can fit the camera.


The power of ring light matters.

When you are buying a ring light, you also need to check the lumen and color rendering index of the equipment. If the lumen and color rendering index is high, the color representation of the object will be higher and the lighting output will be much better. You can also go for a light with the brightness knob.


What are the accessories included with the ring light?

A standard ring light will come with the following accessories – carry bag, mirror, stand, phone bracket and camera holder, power adaptor, and a gooseneck. So, it’s best to buy a ring light that has these complementary attachments.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and buy the best ring light!