Planning Your Career In Wedding Videography | Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Enhance Your Skills

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Becoming a wedding videographer could be your side hustle, but it can pay big in the long run. However, wedding videography requires immense commitment as a work field to tailor the output to your clients. 

From using the right tools to having the skills that boost your production, wedding videography can be an exciting career option to venture. 

Here are some skills that can help you ace the profession and make a name for yourself in the industry. If it is your interest and passion is to shoot photos and videos, this career will indeed illustrate your ideas and offer a chance to showcase what puts you apart from the rest. 

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Enhance Your Skills For The Best Career In Wedding Photography

Understand Client Expectations 

Talk to any wedding videographer, and this may come out as the top suggestion. Before taking on a project, make sure that you are on the same page with your client about the expected outcome.


It is entirely valid for your client to expect a particular result from your service, maybe from something that they saw in another video, but it might turn into a nightmare for you later if it doesn’t coincide with your creation. 


Talk about different elements like skill levels, number of operators, and gear restrictions. Whether you are experienced or not, there is no scope for a ‘take two’ at a wedding. Your client can want something, in particular, so once you know what that is, you can direct your focus to that. 

Give Enough Attention To Your Gear

Cutting a long story short, videography gear can practically make or break your entire project. The stakes are high in this area! Choosing the videography gear will consume your resources and require ample decision making. 


Things you can consider here are, how you are going to keep your shots stable, how will you capture videos in a low light situation, and perhaps how you will handle the variety of your gear while running around to capture the moments. 


Not only will your experience in this area answer many of these questions for you, but so will the right gear, which can make things smooth for you. 

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Choose Compact

Taking cues from the last pointer, here’s another one. There is no point in having ten different cameras in stock at a venue. You are never going to have enough time to pick them as the action takes place. 


Ideally, you should pick a camera that serves multiple purposes and can be upgraded when a newer alternative becomes available. 

Also, your gear should be lightweight and compact so that you can maneuver around the venue stealthily. Bulky equipment will only tire you and slow down your responses to the ongoing events. 

Do Not Miss Out The Obvious

When it comes to a wedding, there are some events and instances which are important above par. Make sure not to miss out on covering these for your base video. 


If it helps, you can make a list of several candid moments that you would like to capture on your lens. 


Your client may have a specific request for videos too. So make sure that you have an idea about the critical events that you are going to focus on. 

Do Not Overlook The Audio

As the videographer, capturing good videos is your onus but not without the right audio. By the inherent nature of the events, you are going to capture the sound from the event along with the video. Believe it or not, it is one of the essential parts of your final output, without which, it is incomplete. 


Choose where you would like to have the mic so that all the ambient sounds are picked up. Plus, you can keep a handy recorder, which can be easily placed near the bride and the groom to catch so much more for audio production.  

Always Stay Updated with the Venue and Directions

You have to be ready and prepared at a venue even before the guests and hosts arrive for an event. You cannot do that with nil preparation and last-minute packing. Before the event, always take out time to catch up with the hosts to understand where every event is taking place. 

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This manageable tip can save you a lot of hassle and effort and bring out excellent results from your videos. 

Do Not Miss Out On The Subtle Moments

Your focus should not always be fixed on the pivotal moments and events during the wedding. Take some time to shoot close-ups of people and other enticing shots of the décor or the ambiance. You may think that you would not need this, but in reality, these are the fillers in your final video that will genuinely emboss your professionalism. 


Do not go around capturing just about anything unless you are sure that it will find some use in your video. 

Your Approach

Practically, there’s no single right way to shoot a wedding video. It isn’t something like making invitations with an online invitation maker free. You have the discretion to show your skillset in the final output. It is all up to you how you move around creatively and show your unique form in the results. 

In Conclusion

There are many online tools to assist you in honing these skills. For example, a free promo video maker without watermark  could teach someone the ability to create a promotional video. At the same time, you can work with a similar tool to practice and hone your skills in wedding videography. 


It is all about your skills and the client’s expectations, which make a great wedding video together. Do proper research and focus on what the client wants their wedding day to be and assist in making their dream come true.


Becoming a wedding videographer could be your side hustle, but it can pay big in the long run. However, wedding videography requires immense commitment as a work field to tailor the output to your clients.  From using the right tools to having the skills that boost your production, wedding videography…