How a Portable Garage Can Save You Money

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You have reached your goal in life. You have finally found the perfect vintage car that you have always wanted: a 1965 Mustang convertible, candy apple red exterior and black leather interior. You got it for under the price you were willing to pay, which made you feel the way you did when you got married. There’s only one problem with this scenario: you have no room to put your vintage baby. If you are looking for ways to house your priceless objects, we have a solution for you--a portable garages. Here are some money-saving tips for having a portable garage. 

mustang portable garage

What Is A Portable Garage, Exactly?


Portable garages are for outdoor use, and they are usually made of a steel frame with a cover. Some covers are fabric, while other portable garages have covers that are sturdier. While a lot of people use the portable garages to store cars, portable garages can be used to store other items. Some examples of items that could be stored in a portable garage would include boats, farm equipment and even construction or landscaping equipment. 


Reasons To Get a Money-Saving Portable Garage


  1. You can protect your possessions more cheaply. You didn’t just spend the money for your new car to have it sit out in the elements. Perhaps your house doesn’t come with a garage, or there is simply no room for another thing in your garage. You may have a standing objection from your partner threatening all kinds of mayhem if you even think about putting one more thing in your garage. While you can’t put your new vehicle in the garage, you need a place to keep your car. A portable garage allows you to store your new car out of the elements, without spending a ton of money to have a garage built. Also, if you can store your new car in an enclosed space, you limit the chance your car will have faded paint, rust spots, or dents from falling pinecones. 
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  1. Better protection than a tarp. While a tarp is cheaper than a portable garage, it isn’t great protection from the elements for your equipment. Tarps can blow away, and they also don’t offer protection from falling trees or other mishaps. Portable garages are tough fabric that is covering a steel frame, which means your car or boat is safe from hail, heavy rain, snow and sunlight. 


  1. Saves you money on insurance. Insurance companies will charge you more money if they find out that your vehicle is not housed in a structure. That’s because cars and boats that aren’t protected by a shelter are more likely to be targeted by thieves. Storing your vehicle in a portable garage may give you a break on your insurance and give you privacy for your valuables. 


  1. Easy to operate. While construction of a garage takes time and a lot of money--a portable garage is simple to put up. You can put up your portable garage in no time at all. That way, you can park your new acquisition under a protected space the same day you buy your car. 


Corey Haywood Co-owner and electrician at VoltGen explains, “I use portable garages to help protect our company work trucks. The wraps on the company trucks last longer in the hot Southern California sun.”


There are several reasons to buy a portable garage from saving money to protecting your vehicles. If you haven’t looked into them yet you may want to check out companies like ShelterLogic and WayFair.

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