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Trends are always changing and the world is currently focused on waterfall countertops. If you have consulted a home designer in the recent past they have probably suggested that you get waterfall countertops. It is easy to fall prey to poor trends just as it is easy to ignore worthwhile ones. 

Are you designing your new kitchen or remodeling your old one and wondering whether to get waterfall countertops or not? Maybe you have just heard about this fairly new trend and are unsure if it is the right thing for you. 

Well, stick around us we attempt to demystify waterfall countertops and hopefully in a few minutes, you will be able to make an informed decision. Like all else, it is important to analyze the pros and cons when choosing a new thing for your space. So, what are the pros and cons of waterfall countertops in your kitchen?

waterfall kitchen

Pros of waterfall countertops in your kitchen 

Waterfall countertops are stunning 

If you are looking for something to grab the attention of your guests, a waterfall countertop in your kitchen is a great place to start. Visit Caesarstone to learn more about the various styles waterfall countertops come in.


Waterfall countertops may be the trend in kitchen design right now but your home should ultimately be a depiction of your personal style. Your home and your kitchen should be relaxing as well as comforting. After all, we find comfort in the things we like, don’t we?

Whether your style is modern, rustic, contemporary or eclectic you can seamlessly incorporate waterfall countertops into your overall kitchen design. 

Waterfall countertops work well with all kinds of interior décor and will blend perfectly with the rest of your home if done well. 


The durability of waterfall countertops is one of our clients’ major concerns. What is the use of spending a ton of money if it is going to get worn out in a couple of months of years? Waterfall countertops are quite durable especially when made from recommended materials such as quartz

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Of course, if you use materials such as wood you would have to worry about porosity especially in the kitchen where surfaces are exposed to a lot of wetness. That has nothing to do with waterfall countertops at all. 

Quartz is recommended by experts due to its resilience and versatility. Unlike wood, quartz does not scratch easily. You would have to be purposely drilling the countertop to scratch it. 

Low maintenance 

Quartz waterfall countertops are a perfect way to save money because the material is resilient enough to withstand the wetness it will constantly be exposed to. Unlike granite which needs maintenance twice a year, quartz waterfall countertops will last you more than a few years without getting damaged. 

Easy to clean

Conventional kitchen countertops have a lot of corners and crevices which harbor dust and other unwanted elements. A waterfall countertop is just one endless surface which is undoubtedly simpler to clean than the joints and crevices of typical countertops. 

Multiple uses 

Waterfall countertops look great in the kitchen but the waterfall design can be spread to the bathroom and dining table. In fact, a dining table with waterfall edges will look great next to a waterfall kitchen island. What a great combo!

They protect the cabinetry and provides more storage space 

Waterfall counters prevent scratches against the cabinetry and provide extra concealed space for storage. You can design your waterfall kitchen island to include space where you can hide appliances and utensils. You can also extend it outward a little so that it has space for stools under it.

Cons of Waterfall countertops in your kitchen

High upfront costs

It would be easy to lie to you that waterfall countertops come cheap but the reality is that you will need to dig deeper into your pocket if you want a good waterfall countertop. These upfront costs are significantly higher than the cost of getting conventional countertops because the waterfall design typically requires more material to achieve. You will definitely need more quartz slabs than you would for a conventional countertop. 

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Aside from the cost of the material, you will need to part with at least $2000 for CNC fabrication. Waterfall countertop cost is probably one of the biggest cons but just think of it as an investment. 

Slabs for waterfall countertops have to be fabricated by professionals to ensure the seamless flow from the edge of the countertop to the sides of the kitchen island. This is the only way to achieve the smooth cascade that is typical of waterfall kitchen islands. 

Could be the wrong thing for your kitchen

Even though it is possible to integrate the waterfall countertops design into almost every style, waterfall countertops may not blend well with some themes and end up being the worst decision the homeowner could have made. 

If your kitchen design is contemporary or modern then, by all means, go for it. However, if you are working with a more traditional design you might want to forego the waterfall countertops as they will look much removed from the rest of the kitchen. 

Seating may be an issue 

The design of waterfall kitchen islands is such that stools or seats are confined to a certain area around the island such that you cannot add seats or adjust the seating arrangement. 

Most designers try to resolve this issue by installing the waterfall edge on only one side of the counter and leaving the other side open to accommodate seating.

The choice to install a waterfall countertop in your kitchen rests with you. Matters of preference cannot be controlled. If your style is more minimalistic or modern then working with waterfalls should not be a problem at all as they are best suited for these types of kitchen designs.