Precision Metal Fabrication

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What does precision metal fabrication do?

Precision metal fabrication is the process of making custom metal parts and components made to very close tolerances. Typically these types of processes are used for repair or replacement parts on equipment such as automobiles, aircraft, and appliances.

There are two key factors that determine whether a part can be considered precision made. The first is the geometric tolerances, or how closely the dimensions of the part match the design specification.

1) Tolerances or the difference between the maximum and minimum measurements of a part in question.

2)The second factor is the surface finish or smoothness of the part.

What types of equipment are used in precision sheet metal fabrication?

There are a variety of different machines that can be used in precision sheet metal fabrication.

CNC machining centers are used to cut the metal parts from a sheet of metal. These machines use a computer-controlled cutting tool that can create a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Another common machine used in precision sheet metal fabrication is the press brake. This machine uses a hydraulic system to bend the metal into the desired shape.

Finally, the parts are typically finished by a CNC lathe. These machines can be used to take the rough edges off, as well as create fine surface finishes on all types of metal parts.

What are some examples of precision sheet metal fabrication?

There are many applications for high precision sheet metal fabrication. Precision parts made out of stainless steel or aluminum are used in medical equipment, air filtration systems, and surgical equipment. Precision sheet metal fabrication is also used in stamping applications for metal fabrication when several similar parts that are all the same need to be made. Try considering Steel Products Direct as they have a wide array of affordable metal products.

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How does precision sheet metal fabrication work?

Precision sheet metal fabrication typically involves precise steel cutting techniques, welding, and assembly of the various components by hand. To get started you need a drawing of what the part is supposed to look like. This drawing will specify the size and location of each cut as well as any additional features required such as holes, bends, and flanges.

Standard tolerances for precision sheet metal fabrication vary depending on the industry and application. However, one general rule is that flat parts should be within .060 inches of the required dimension with tolerances no greater than +/- .010 of an inch. For bends, the tolerance needs to be within +/- 1 degree with no more than 2 degrees total variation in-depth for any given bend.


Steps involved in precision sheet metal fabrication

  • The first step is the preparation of the material, or cutting it to size. This is done using a variety of steel cutting techniques such as lasers, water jets, and plasma torches. Once the material is cut to size it is then ready for fabrication.
  • The next step is to form the part. This is done by bending the metal to the desired shape. The most common method of bending sheet metal is with a brake press. This is a machine that uses two metal plates to press the sheet metal into the desired shape. There are many other types of presses and dies that can be used to create more complex shapes.
  • The third step is to weld the part together. This is done by either using an arc welder or a MIG welder. After welding, the part is then put through a finishing process. This typically involves grinding away excess material to achieve the desired dimensions and tolerances.
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Precision metal fabrication services are offered all over the world, not only by large corporations but small specialty shops as well. You can find suppliers of precision sheet metal fabrication products. This company specializes in supplying precision sheet metal fabrication products for a range of industries. They provide thicker gauges of material that are better suited to larger-scale production runs.


Precision sheet metal fabrication is a highly-skilled job that takes many years of practice to perfect. There are many tools and techniques available for precision sheet metal fabrication but the better the materials, machines, talent, and tools in your shop, the higher quality products can be produced with less waste. This increases efficiency while also increasing profits.

With all the different types of precision sheet metal fabrication equipment available, it has never been easier to get the exact part you need.