7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach

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Our sleeping posture determines the quality of our sleep. Moreover, in some cases, it also leads to several pains in the body. You have to be careful with the posture you choose. Most people sleep on their stomachs. After a long tiring day, who does not like to lie down and relax? 

But it is dangerous to your health. Yes, there are several health problems linked with this sleeping posture of an individual. In this article, we will help you know why you should give up this sleeping posture and in which situations it is totally forbidden.

Situations In Which You Should Never Sleep On Your Stomachsleeping on stomach

Here are some situations that can lead to severe damage if you sleep on your stomach:

  • During Pregnancy: If you lie on your stomach during pregnancy, the whole pressure goes on the belly. As a result, the chance of miscarriage increases. You have to very careful during this time. It is better to use a pillow for support during sleep.
  • After Drinking Alcohol: The risk of drinking alcohol increases when the body cannot fight the toxins. The same thing happens when you lie on your stomach. 
  • After Eating Too Much: When your stomach is full, it is not a good idea to sleep on your stomach. It will push the food outwards, causing vomiting.
  • After A Surgery: You need to sleep carefully, especially after a surgery. Never sleep on your stomach after surgery; it is better to lie on your left side.

Why You Should Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach

Even if you are tired, try to lie left-sided on the bed. It is the most preferred position to sleep. Now let’s have a look at some major problems that arise due to sleeping on the stomach.

1- Circulatory Disorders

Doctors say that after sleeping on your stomach, the arteries near your spine contract. It happens because your head gets tilted to the side. As a result, blood flow to the brain gets restricted. For those with high cholesterol problems, this position can be dangerous. 

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The arteries get narrowed due to the presence of cholesterol plaque, and circulation problem occurs. Doctors categorically forbid such patients to sleep in this position. But people do not pay heed to the doctor’s advice and continue to follow the same sleeping ritual. However, if you want to enjoy good health, it is better to sleep on your left side.

2- Lack Of Oxygen

Another dangerous problem associated with sleeping on your stomach is your chest compressing. It makes your breathing much more difficult. You will not get enough oxygen for your entire body, and you will feel tired in the morning. 

It will be difficult for you to sleep properly. In addition, the soft tissues of the breasts suffer from pressure and congestion, mastitis, or cysts may develop over time. 

3- Internal Organs Problems

The stomach itself also suffers during this pose. Organs can stop doing their job properly over time, and it’s not a good compromise to sacrifice health for comfort. Also, sleeping like this after a heavy dinner can lead to acid reflux. 

This situation worsens if you drink alcohol too. It can lead to an uncomfortable night. Moreover, it further leads to inflammation or pathological formations. People who don’t drink alcohol sleep comfortably at night than the addicts.

4- Deterioration Of The Skin

After you wake up, sleeping on your stomach all night, you will see all the folds from the sheet in the mirror. These folds get imprinted on your cheeks and forehead. When the face lies on a pillow overnight, the skin’s blood circulation gets impaired, resulting in bags. 

You can assume that this is due to water retention, but the explanation is much simpler – incorrect body position during sleep. Stretching and pressure on the skin reduce its elasticity. This problem manifests itself not only in the morning. Over time, the wrinkles left from sleep become permanent, especially in the cheeks and around the nose (nasolabial folds). 

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You will also find signs of aging in the neck and chest area, and it will be extremely difficult to eliminate them. If you want to stay young, it is best to sleep in a completely different position.

5- Joint Load

In this position, you will force your knee and elbow joints, as well as your feet, to twist awkwardly. It will cause tension and soreness. Many people who sleep on their stomach complain about soreness in their elbows. 

All the body’s weight lies on the bed, and more pressure gets on the cervical vertebrae. Many people do not even realize the cause of this pain and start to take painkillers.

6- Decreased Neck Mobility

Your neck, which has been in this unnatural position for a long time, also needs attention. In the area around the neck and shoulders, blood circulation gets limited. By sleeping in this posture, the blood vessels get narrowed, and nerve endings get damaged, which can cause irreparable harm.

Not to mention, you will wake up with a stiff and painful neck. Regardless of how you sleep, choose a pillow that will keep your neck in a natural position. Otherwise, you may have to visit a doctor for help.

7- Spinal Problemsback pain

If the six reasons above are still not enough, then here’s another one for you. The spine also suffers after sleeping on the stomach. This is also due to the unnatural position: there is excessive pressure on the center of the back. 

In the long term, the muscles around the spine will become much weaker. And if you continue to sleep this way, the problem will only increase. You have to say good-bye to this poor posture and adopt another one.


No matter what the situation is, refrain from sleeping on your stomach. It can cause several pains in the body, including spinal problems. Moreover, you might have to visit a doctor soon if you keep repeating this habit.