5 Romantic Bridal Fashion Trends From The NY Bridal Fashion Week

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New York City is considered as one of the fashion meccas all over the world. The Big Apple has the reputation of being an important centre for the global fashion industry. In early 2020, Global Language Monitor declared the largest city in the state of New York as Top Global Fashion Capital of the World, beating Paris, France in the top spot. 

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The trends introduced in the city transcends beyond the United States. People around the globe are following the typical New Yorker fashion styles. Even the trends in the wedding gown industry in the city are replicated worldwide. During the recent New York Bridal Fashion Week, many designers got their inspirations for wedding dresses in NYC from the fashion icons that displayed their latest creations on the ramp. 


Here are some of the notable designs for wedding dresses in NYC that were featured during the NY Bridal Fashion Week for 2020. 


Whimsical Lace Dresses

If the runway audience fell in love with lace gowns during the fashion event, it would also generate the same reaction for brides when they start to walk down the aisle. Lace is one of the most desired materials used by designers all over the world to create romantic wedding dresses You will find it in traditional wedding ball gowns or the more upbeat take on modern bridal dresses. 


Some of the fan-favourite lace-filled gowns that came out during the bridal fashion week include a strapless trumpet gown with an elegant long-sleeved jacket, as well as the breathtaking macrame lace off-shoulder gown with a high-slit skirt. 

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Impressive Tiered Skirts

Brides who want a boho-inspired dress for their wedding will now have more inspiration for their perfect wedding gown. More ready-to-wear bridal collections nowadays feature chic yet comfortable tiered skirts. These dresses are made using the lightest, flowy fabrics to help them move freely through their big day. 

Show-stopping Embellishments

Fashion designers can turn any simple, traditional gowns into something more elaborate by using intricate ornaments. Some of the wedding gowns that stood out during the event feature three-dimensional feathers, large bows, or delicate flowers. 


Women who want to look regal without being too puffy can look for a wedding gown with a simple, sleeveless top with feathers all over the skirt. They may also opt to wear a modern, simple dress with only a large ribbon at the back.

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 Celestial Look

More wedding gowns are adorned with glitter ornaments during the most recent NY Bridal Fashion Week. Some of the gowns are designed with intricate sparkling accessories all over the dress, while others used shimmers to highlight the moon and star embroideries in strategic areas of the wedding gown. 

Noteworthy Trains

For this season, more fashion designers updated the classic look of the bridal train by bringing back the Watteau, an iconic style of the train that brides can attach at the shoulder area of the gown to look like a cape. 

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Some ready to wear gowns featured a Watteau train made using a textured jacquard fabric on a sheath gown. The train can be detached from the gown as the day progresses so that the bride will have more room for dancing during the reception. 


Bridal gown hunting becomes more fun due to the newest trends in the wedding fashion industry. You only need to find the right dress that could suit your style and body shape to make sure that you will look good as you meet your groom at the altar during your special day.