How To Start A Dog Treat Business

feeding dog

Aside from dog food, dogs are also enamored with treats. The key difference between dog food, and treats, is that dog food is meant to act as the dog’s staple meal. Whereas dog treats are meant to act as a kind of reward. If you are thinking of starting your own business, you should think…

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How to Train your Cat to Use the Toilet

cat bathroom

  Is your cat’s litter box taking up too much space in your home, and is cleaning it a real chore?    There is a method to teach your cat to use the toilet, step by step, until the litter box is completely abandoned.    Here are all our tips for training your cat to…

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Ways to Clean a Koi Pond to Make it Beautiful Again


  Who doesn’t love Koi ponds?    After all, a Koi pond is indeed one of the most mesmerizing parts of a home. Koi ponds usually are very shallow, allowing the users to look through the Koi Pond.    Thanks to how shallow a koi pond is, the water even looks very crystal clear to…

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Beginner’s Guide to Reptile Care


  Reptiles make wonderful pets and are a great choice for those with limited space. If you want a unique pet, a reptile could be your first choice.   Most of us find tremendous joy in owning a pet. Cats and dogs are usually the pets that we think of when caring for someone’s pet.…

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5 Popular Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

french bulldog

The non-sporting dogs arrive from various breeds with distinct sizes, personalities, costs, and overall appearance.    You cannot generalize these popular dog breeds as they appear from diverse backgrounds. From the compact French Bulldog to the robust Chow Chow, you will be awed by their contrasting and lovable characteristics.    They have vast differences as far as…

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10 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed and How to Relieve It


As dog owners, we try and do our best in keeping our furry friends happy. Just like with human beings, dogs can become stressed and anxious, which can be hard to bear. If you’ve noticed a change in your dog’s behavior and they seem unusually tense, it’s your job to spot the signs and take…

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Moving 101: How To Ensure A Smooth Relocation With Your Pets

dog in box

Relocating can be challenging and stressful for people. This also applies when you decide to move with your pets. Imagine how difficult it can be for them, especially when there’s unexpected activity in their dwelling place or when they’re introduced to a new place. Unfortunately, these issues don’t come with easy solutions but there are…

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How to Switch Your Dog Over to Eating Raw


If you have a dog at home, you may have already heard about the benefits of raw feeding and perhaps you’ve decided to make the switch. However, switching your dog’s diet should always be done with the right care and attention to ensure that it is pleasant for your dog, doesn’t stress them out with…

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Facts to Know About Exotic Pets


Pets that are relatively unusual or rare are known as exotic pets. Nowadays, exotic pets have become popular among several pet lovers. They have such majestic beauty making them appreciable to many. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, or birds that aren’t native but raised in captivity, are some examples to share. Exotic pets can be fun, interesting,…

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