If you have an SUP you need this Electric Shark Inflator

shark inflator

  ISUP Portable Electric Air Pump-You Need One I bought my first inflatable standup paddle board (iSUP) during the shutdown hoping to give myself and my kids an outdoor outlet from the craziness around us. Needless to say, we fell in love with the convenience of iSUP boards but found the hand pump to be…

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The 35 inch wide Lention Standing Desk is Must Buy

stand sit desk

Anyone who spends all day sitting at a desk is at increased risk of death, and sitting disease is a growing problem that leads to increased risk of dementia and diabetes. Many people are now looking to standing desks, but those can cost thousands of dollars and standing all day isn’t the answer, either.  Can…

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Outdoor Master Goggles Pro VS Oakley Flight Deck


  This is a head to head comparison review of the Oakley Fight Decks and the Outdoor Master Snow Pro Ski or Snowboard Googles. THESMARTCONSUMER HAS WORKED OUT A SPECIAL COUPON CODE JUST FOR OUR READERS  30% OFF :  smartconsumer30 In this image Oakley, Outdoor Master Snow Pro, Spy Disclaimer, It’s November and I live…

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