Outdoor Master Goggles Pro VS Oakley Flight Deck

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This is a head to head comparison review of the Oakley Fight Decks and the Outdoor Master Snow Pro Ski or Snowboard Googles.


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In this image Oakley, Outdoor Master Snow Pro, Spy

Disclaimer, It's November and I live in Florida so I haven't field tested these goggles yet. I have a few questions that remain to be answered which I'll touch on later, and I will come back and update this review after I hit the slopes. As I do these reviews I'm having my female counterpart who is also large for a woman test these with me. I'll give both of our thoughts on the goggles.

Currently these goggles are listed at 99.99 on outdoormaster.com with a hefty discount dropping them all the way to 59.99. There are additional discounts listed for purchasing multiple pairs. As I review these goggles I'm going to use my Oakley Flight Deck's (my previous goggle of choice), and a pair of generic spy (40$) entry level goggles as a comparison point.

male outdoor master goggle

First up is comfort, which in my mind is paramount. Vision is a clear second choice, but I'll never go on the mountain in the first place with a pair of goggles that hurt my face or give me a headache. This is a tough sell for me because I'm 6'4 and have a very big head and a huge nose. For testing I'm strapping the goggles on with and without my helmet to give a proper rating, In addition, I have a female counterpart to also include her review.  I'm not going to put on the snow pants, ski jacket, gloves, and helmet just to demonstrate the ski goggles.        

I mainly plan on taking pics of  the Snow Pro's  considering that the flight decks are all over the internet and been pictured and featured many times I plan on mostly discussing why you should consider saving your hard earning dollars and go with the Outdoor Snow Pros as an alternative to buying expensive snowboard goggles.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Oakley's, but are they really worth three times as much? That is why I am comparing and honestly recommending an alternative to those who do not want to spend a fortune on goggles, but still get quality features. See my head to head comps below.




The first thing i check for his how hard this presses on my nose when it sits on my face. Without the helmet, the Oakley Flight decks hit my nose at about a 9, which is the least any goggle has ever affected my face. Mind you these are 200$ goggles at the top end of the Oakley line. I'm going to rate the Outdoor Master Pro at about a 7, which is great and very comfortable. It presses on my nose a little, but its pretty good in comparison to most goggles. The spy I'm going to give a 3 because they hit my nose pretty hard. My female counterpoint prefers the Outdoor Masters at a 9, saying they don't hit her nose at all (she has a much smaller nose), the Flight Deck at an 8, and the Spy at a 2.

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inside of snow pro goggle


Next we'll talk about the elastic band. The Flight Deck and the Outdoor Master are both made out of a very nice material that feels great. The Spy has a much more rigid fabric. Both the Oakley and the Outdoor Master Pro have triple gripping strips to hold them in place while the Spy does not. The Oakley is a bit wider and more secure while the Outdoor Master Pro is a little more cushioned.


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Finally we'll hit the foam cushion that seals against your face. The Oakley and Outdoor master offer an almost identical cushion that looks exactly the same. The spy is much more generic, and the prior two are much more comfortable and less scratchy. I give the Oakley a 10, the Outdoor Master an 8, and the Spy a 7. My counterpart gives Outdoor master a 9, the Oakley's a 9, and the Spy's a 6. Overall comfort: 8



Next up is field of view. Nothing has ever come close to my Flight Decks here, but I have to say I'm impressed with what's offered by the Outdoor Master's at a much lower price point. While the lens on the Oakley is larger, I have incredible peripheral vision on the Outdoor Master and don't feel like I'd miss anything. Both offer superb vision with similar frameless lenses while the Spy i feel  I can barely see out of to the point its irritating after testing the former two. I give the Flight decks a 10, the Outdoor Master an 8, and the Spy's a 3. My female counterpart gives the Flight decks and Outdoor masters a 9 (she's stingy with the big 10), and the Spy's a 4.

outdoor master pro ski goggles


As far as lighting and visibility in various conditions goes, every company offers  lenses in different colors to change out. I happen to have blue lenses for all my goggles and I'm out here in the Florida sun with beautiful visibility and the colors pop superbly on the Outdoor master and the Oakley Flight decks.  The Outdoor Master boasts over 20 polarized lens variants for every condition which exceeds all my needs. So what really matters here is lense changing capability.

 20 Different Lens

Awesome Magnetic Lens Changing System

Changing lenses can be a real pain depending on the goggle, which can lead to scratching (how many of us have dropped a lens while changing them?), and I was skeptical at first about the magnetic lens changing system of the Outdoor Master. I have to say I don't think I'll worry about losing a lens after taking a hard hit or a big jump with these goggles. The magnetic pull is strong enough that within a half inch of mounting, the lens is sucked tightly on and requires significant directional force to remove.

magnetic lens magnetic lens

This lens changing system on the Outdoor Master Pro is by far the quickest and easiest solution I've ever encountered. Whether or not it withstands a bone-jarring fall at top speed is left to be seen, but I don't think it'll be a problem. This is probably my favorite lens changing system I have ever used.

Finally we'll talk about anti-fog, which I cant field test right now, but I did stand in a hot sealed shower and wear all three pairs of goggles. The anti-fog coating on the Outdoor Master Pro's resisted the fog well and cleared quickly.

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Overall vision: 8

goggle fog coating


As far as looks and style go, If I were on the slopes I might just assume someone wearing the Outdoor Master Pro had the Oakly Flight deck goggles on. They look so similar that the only real difference is the overall size of the lense, which isn't noticeable until you get up close and personal. The Outdoor Master Pro is a beautiful goggle and looks like it costs a lot more than it's current price tag.

outdoor master ski goggle

These goggles are almost all lens with very little frame showing on the sides and fit the current style trends remarkably. 

Overall style: 9


Confession time, I put very little thought into safety when it comes to goggles. The Outdoor Master Pro has 100% UV 400 protection to keep your eyes and face safe, and has impact-resistant components and anti-scratching lenses. That's more information than the competitors offer on this topic.



Of the three goggles I'm comparing, only the Outdoor Master came with any extras. The Oakley provided a nice but generic cloth bag that every pair of goggles comes with. But only the Outdoor Master also included a hard shell zip-up case to protect the goggles so you don't have to worry about the lens scratching while you drive to the slopes. 

goggle case


Cost and value

For 99.99 (59.99 on sale) the Outdoor Master Pro goggle is a phenomenal bargain. I've paid 50 bucks for goggles with less than half the features, and the Spy's were at a similar price point with none of the extras. The Oakley flight deck is a better goggle in my opinion, but you'll be hard pressed to find them less than 170$ on sale which is a significant cost increase. I'd pick these any day over any other goggle I've used at this price point unless I absolutely needed the very best and could afford to throw money away.

A new discovery based on the data:

1. The pro ski goggles is more popular in the minds of users for value;
2. Most users would buy another ski interchangeable Lens plus the ski goggles. Having Multiple lenses works out great for different lighting.

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As you can see the look of the Oakley Flight Deck and the Snow Pro's are very Similar 


Most People Don't Care Much about the packaging so I like to include these at the bottom. This is how it comes. I was compensated by thesmartconsumer.com for this review.

outdoor master packaging in box ski goggle outdoor master packaging