How Can Families Reduce Healthcare Costs When Traveling?

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Healthcare costs have gotten so out of hand that many people are seeking solutions overseas, and it makes a lot of sense. Those who need treatment can get the same service out of the country at a price which is reduced to an extent that additional travel costs are covered by associated savings.

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Now you can follow these tips to reduce healthcare costs for healthcare solutions in-country. If you can’t get out of the country for a certain procedure or medicine, there are ways to save. However, if you are able to travel abroad, you may want to consider it.


Some examples of overseas procedures that are more affordable beyond the United States include in vitro fertilization and a number of other popularly sought procedures. The market for what is now being branded “medical tourism” is between $20 and $40 billion dollars annually.


Roughly eight million people from the US spend $3k to $5k worldwide on varying procedures, and they’re saving money doing it while seeing another country. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!


Where To Get Medical Assistance Outside The Country

What countries are worth traveling to? Well, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, India, and Singapore will all provide medical assistance at between 20% and 35% of the expense pursuing the same procedures in America will end up costing you. Mexico and India, as you may have expected, provide the most savings.

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India may be the best choice, as it is the most exotic country of those listed to most Americans, and it does have an international reputation for producing fine physicians. That said, Thailand can provide you with an apartment at $200 a month, or $2,400 a year.


If you’ve got to take a year off work for a complicated medical procedure anyway, why not get a fantastic vacation on top of it while still saving over what in-country medical care would cost you?


Additional Savings Tactics

Other in-country savings strategies to help you cut costs on healthcare while traveling include eating right, exercising, and looking into new telecommuting healthcare solutions. When you’re eating foods that aren’t bad for your body and you’re exercising, your immune system is strengthened.


Likewise, if you’ve got some telecommuting healthcare solution lined out where you can be diagnosed and prescribed remotely, then when you’re sick you can “see the doctor” by having an internet connection.


The costs which can backhand your bank account as you travel often come from “out-of-network” expenses which result from attaining services that are “outside” your “network”.


In conclusion, you can save a lot of money by seeking healthcare solutions outside the country when it comes to larger medical procedures. If you’re traveling in-country and need medical help, you can save through internet-based solutions; but for serious procedures, it’s best to remain in-network if at all possible.