Simple Facts That Will Help You Become Location Independent with PMI PMP Certification

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Obtaining the PMI PMP certification is a demanding journey. Known as Project Management Professional, it is a highly valued credential amongst the project managers. Having this certificate demonstrates Jocelyn V that you have experience, education, and ability to direct and also lead projects. This post discusses the main things that you should know about to pass the test for this badge.


What is PMI PMP certification?

The PMP credential is offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). To become a professional with such a popular badge, you must meet the requirements and then pass the timed, computer-based exam. The process Jesus W of obtaining this certificate required the following steps:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria;
  • Complete the process of application;
  • Pay the required fee;
  • Schedule an exam appointment;
  • Pass the test.

To take the exam, the candidates must be eligible. This means that they must first meet all the prerequisites, which include a high school diploma or a 4-year degree, 36 or 60 months of having experience in leading projects, Natalia X and 35 hours of training.

It is recommended that the PMP candidates should gather important information such as domain education and domain experience before applying for the exam. The application usually takes between 5 and 10 days to be reviewed. Once it is accepted, you are going to receive an eligibility number. You will then need to set up the payment so you can pay for the test. Once you have done that, Leonardo Y schedule your exam through the official platform.The website will display for you the available testing locations, time, and dates. You need to find the option, which is appropriate for you.

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What are PMI PMP exam details?

The PMP certification exam comprises of about 200 multiple-choice questions. Out of these questions, about 25 are unscored ones. The PMI uses them to determine the difficulty and precision level of the test. These sample questions don’t count against or for the students’score. Therefore, you are required to show proficiency in the remaining 175 questions. The time allocated for Trinity Z the exam is about 4 hours.

What are PMI PMP exam preparation options?

While some candidates might opt for self-study as the most relaxed option for preparing for their PMP test, the most recommended variant is instructor-led training. You can attend classroom training or take courses online. Some learners may feel like they need more attention during their prep process. For such individuals, Sawyer A self-paced online training can be a great alternative to prepare for their PMP certification exam.

The PMP test can be very challenging to pass even for those who have years of experience in the field. Therefore, you can use exam dumps in your preparation to explore the format and also learn how to answer the questions with precision. You also need to evaluate your knowledge with practice tests to determine your readiness before taking the real one.


PMI PMP is a credential that you can’t go wrong with. As a PMP, your work can actually become location independent. And it is a globally demanded skill, which can literally be used in any industry.