6 Smart Amenities To Look For Before Choosing A Luxury Apartment In California

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Every industry comes across some major changes, with the real estate industry being no different than most. The changes are most obvious when we look at the main considerations for luxury apartments. Renters are now on the lookout for smart amenities as opposed to the traditional attractions.

smart light bulb


That said, smart amenities are a better option because they make our daily routine a lot more convenient. With all the time and hassle we save, there are more chances to do what we love. Let’s take a look at the best kind of amenities to look for before choosing a luxury apartment in California:



  • Smart Locking Systems


Whether you’re looking for apartments in Alameda, CA or something more urban-like, such as West LA apartments for rent, smart locks are essential in upping your safety and convenience. With such systems, you can get keyless entry, remote access for staff, and several other related services.


For instance, you can hire a dog walker and grant them access to your apartment even when you’re not at home. The same goes for cleaning services, maintenance, and babysitters.



  • Voice Control Systems


Modern smart homes now have voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home to streamline the routine of their residents. These systems can help renters interact with their appliances, set reminders for important appointments, and access necessary information without having to manually input a search into their devices.

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With luxury apartments, you can also look for the added benefit of accessing information about your maintenance requests, utilities, and rent. This way, you can stay updated about your lease and make decisions more conveniently.



  • Smart Lighting


Do you feel like you’ve stepped into the future when you can turn the lights on and off with a clap of your hands? That’s the magic of smart lighting! Interestingly, smart lighting in luxury apartments goes way beyond this stage. It provides remote-controlled options via smartphone, custom automation, color changes, dimmed lights, and motion activation.


With smart lighting systems in place, you can enjoy the convenience and save money plus energy at the same time. With the lights set to the only turn on if there’s someone in the room, the energy bills and carbon footprint will certainly grow smaller.



  • Smart Thermostats


smart house controller


Luxury apartments may also come with smart thermostats, which allow their residents to live in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. They can also make adjustments as required.


Besides the numerous benefits of smart thermostats, you should also know that smart thermostats are an environmentally responsible option, as they increase the energy efficiency of any building. They can also provide a better system for your health, as the software keeps managers updated on the HVAC installations.



  • Ridesharing


With ridesharing apps and services taking over the transport system, your choice of having a luxury apartment could be based on these options. Certain apartment complexes might simply be too large for Uber drivers to easily navigate. When searching for the perfect place to live, renters may also look for rideshare pick-up points that can help them with their outdoor excursions.

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  • Smart Appliances


No smart home will be complete without some smart appliances assisting you in your daily chores. Besides, having a smart TV, a smart fridge, and several other appliances will help you fulfil your needs.


The Takeaway

With smart living becoming more common, it’s only logical to ask for such amenities in luxury apartments. Since California is one of the forerunners in the tech race, we may expect these options to become a given soon. Even if this change takes some time, brushing up on your knowledge of these amenities will help you dream about a better life for yourself and your family.