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With business networks spread across the globe, employees often relocate to new regions for short business trips. Such trips usually last a couple of days or a week, and hotels seem to be the best option. You probably look for a place that is near to your temporary office and offers business-friendly amenities. Chances are, you will have access to a few entertainment options as well.

But what if your stay is longer than a few days or a week? Sometimes, relocating employees is for two to three months due to the nature of the work. Presumably, you are transferring to an underdeveloped area that is far away from essential lifestyle amenities. Staying at a hotel can be redundant, not to mention quite expensive. 

Employees relocating to a new area or city for an extended period will find corporate housing a good pick. You might be wondering what corporate housing is? Well, corporate housing is apartments or condominiums that come fully furnished and with business amenities. Ideally, these serviced housings are available for rent for two to three months. 

But how can you make your stay-at-work accommodation successful? Well, we are going to answer the question in our article. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Corporate housing or stay-at-work accommodation, as you may say, is temporary. This lodging style comes in handy when relocating business executives, nurses, construction workers, or army officials. Since then, the idea of corporate housing has gained popularity due to the growing need for short-term accommodation facilities. 

According to research, around 63% of human resource managers are unsure of corporate housing costs. The idea of a fully-furnished lodging may sound expensive. But, most stay-at-work accommodations are available for rent under $2,000. Again, opting for a hotel for an extended stay can be quite expensive. Given, you are required to purchase several amenities and facilities. 

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Similarly, the cost of litigation resulting from unreasonable accommodation is more than corporate housing. Companies should consider this point when finding corporate apartments.


Work hard and play harder – an adage that is quite popular in the business world. Working hard with no relaxing option makes it difficult for an employee to concentrate on their work in the long run. One downside of staying in a hotel is that it restricts your social life. Finding a recreational activity of your taste is difficult to get by.

Here, corporate housing is preferable for maintaining a work-life balance. You can choose condominiums or apartments that are a stone’s throw away from your favorite eatery, theatre, amusement park, and, of course, your temporary office. 

You should choose a location that increases flexibility while living in a corporate apartment. You should be able to carry out your daily routine just like you were doing before at your home. Access to parks and gymnasium is sometimes a must for employees. The key is to make you feel like living at home rather than a temporary arrangement.


Workers and employees transferring for the first time will find the relocation more of an adventure. They might even look up to staying at a hotel and enjoy the fancy business trip. But for old employees who have gone through the ritual quite often, staying at a hotel becomes less appealing. 

Uphauling your belongings and moving to a new area is exhausting. Over time, leaving your loved ones can take a toll psychologically. In such a situation, it is better to opt for corporate housing. It leaves the employee feeling secure via a stable and recurring environment.  A few significant benefits of living in a familiar place are better sleep, a boost in confidence, and fewer bouts of homesickness. 

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Better and enhanced performance by employees is favorable for the organization as well. If an employee feels at home in their new location, they are less likely to create a fuss and willing to take assignments in new regions. 


The majority of the time, it is the organization that pays for stay-at-work accommodation, especially if you are relocating for two to three months. In some cases, relocation can last for a year or two; the company only pays for the first few months. After that, you are financially responsible. 

Suppose that is the case with you. We would advise that you carry out due diligence before signing on the dotted line. Choosing a corporate housing agency is not difficult if you keep a few points in mind. First, ensure that the agency knows the area or the city like their back of the hand. They should be easily able to update you on the culture, where is the nearest recreational center, where is the nearest grocery store, and much more. Preferably, the agency should offer the best value for corporate housing.


All in all, corporate housing is a home away from home. From fully furnished apartments or condominiums to housekeeping services, employees are taken care of from all angles. Stay-at-work accommodation is homier than hotels and less expensive also. You can maintain a work-life balance without feeling lost and homesick.

To further add your touch to the place, you can redecorate and maximize space according to your needs. Your stay at corporate housing will be much more eventful if you try to know your neighbors and create a small family away from home.