Reasons to Use Dog Strollers to Take Your Pup Everywhere

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At the first mention of using a stroller for a pet, a lot of people, mostly those who don’t have a small dog, find the notion laughable and honestly don’t see the necessity. 


For those of us who have small pups, it makes a great deal of sense based on many essential factors, including health. There are a multitude of furry friends, not only dogs, who suffer challenges limiting their mobility. Enabling them to ride in a stroller allows greater freedom to enjoy many pleasures for which they otherwise wouldn’t be able. 


Reasons for Using Strollers as Pet Parents


When you see puppies or senior dogs riding in pet strollers, don’t make assumptions that these are pampered or privileged animals. These devices hugely benefit owners who may have a pet that suffers from health issues or disabilities or one or both of the pet parents may require the stability of the unit when transporting the pup. If you feel you could benefit from a pet buggy, but you’re unsure of how it may be perceived, take confidence in the fact that a lot of others are also using them. 

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  • Taking a trip to the local vet becomes much more efficient and comfortable for the furball through the use of one of these setups. Many pups tend to get nervous and worked up when riding in a car, causing distractions as you try to soothe them while transporting. If there is a beautiful, cozy spot for a puppy to feel safe, the process becomes much more manageable. It will likely be a lot easier to push it into the office, keep your pet contained from the other animals, and off the office floor.


  • All dogs love being out in nature, enjoying the sunshine, but not all are capable of keeping pace with owners as they walk or jog due to either age or physical challenges. It’s no reason to limit your exercise or keep them inside away from the fresh air. Animals must get outside, and a buggy will allow them to do that and keep pace with your exercise regimen. They can relax, enjoy the sun and breeze despite whatever health issues plague them.
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  • Pet carriers can be extraordinarily cumbersome and heavy when the animal is inside, making it difficult to lug around on your arm and detrimental for the back and shoulders. Most often, pet parents want to take their fur babies along when they go anywhere, and the strollers allow for that conveniently and with no physical demands. It saves their paw pads from damage and prevents exhaustion. Learn why its important to have this tool for your beloved pup at


  • On hot summer days, sidewalks and blacktop roadways can be particularly harsh on dogs’ paws due to the heat with the potential for blistering. Our dogs do need exercise, but that needs to be on good terms as they’re capable and in a safe environment.


  • For an animal that’s the victim of an injury or who is recovering from a surgical procedure, walking is restricted for a specified period. But that doesn’t mean that you keep them cooped up inside the house. If you have no means to get them outside, it’s essential to consider investing in a buggy. A puppy who is in recovery will benefit in their healing process, general well-being, and mood from being outdoors in the sunshine.


  • For those who have had puppies and have a difficult time transporting all of them at one time, whether it be for checkups, walks, or visits to their potential new homes, there is a particular type of stroller with a design to handle multiple dogs at the same time. It makes for a much more efficient, calmer, and organized situation, especially when you’re in an office filled with other animals, and the pups are trying to scatter.
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  • This type of system is a lifesaver in the case where you have two dogs who happen to be varied in size. Often in this situation, the bigger dog is capable of walking further for an extended time while the little one grows exhausted quickly.

 In this case, the device will allow the small pup to relax and ride while the large pup continues with the walk that it needs. But if the little guy is feeling hyper and chooses to go the distance, the big fellow may need the break.


People who have animals love their animals, almost as if they are small children. Pet parents go to great lengths to protect their charges’ health and well-being, as they should. No one in their position should feel in any way as though they’re overly pampering their puppy by pushing them or transporting them in a stroller, but rather that they are looking out for their pet’s greater good. And in the grand scheme of things, even if we do spoil them which, in fact, we always will, what’s so wrong with that. Animals are deserving of the very best we have to give.