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When it comes to putting on an easy dog harness, a lot of us think we know how to handle it. The truth is, even though we try to handle it, we don't do it right. For you to put a harness on a dog, you need to do it right. This means there has to be a proper fit, so the dog doesn't get loose or run into traffic and get injured. If your harness is too tight too, it will restrict the dog's movement making it difficult for your dog to walk comfortably.

easy dog harness

Using A Dog Harness The Right Way

According to research and recommendations from trainers, using an easy dog harness is much safer than dog collars. They are also more comfortable as they can also be used as a form of leash training your pet. Dog harnesses come in different styles and sizes and can be suited for hiking or running and even while driving in the car.

Before purchasing an easy dog harness, the proper fit must be ensured. This means you need to know which harness to use and how to put it on.

A dog harness is useful when it can put the right amount of pressure on your dog's body, and they are much safer to use than collars, but they need to be fitted correctly to prevent your dog from suffering from a severe injury.

How To Measure For And Choose The Right Dog Harness For Your Dog

To measure for an easy dog harness, you need to follow two simple steps:
a. Measure for the dog's neck size.
b. Measure for the dog's chest size.

A simple cloth tape measuring rule is all you need to get the measurements you need to find the perfect harness for your dog. Your dog's girth measurement or the chest measurement can be done by measuring the deepest part of your dog's chest as this is where the harness will be secured. The deepest part of your dog's chest is often below his shoulder blades, and this is where you should put the tape measure on and then wrap it around his shoulders and back to his chest again.

You might be tempted to buy your dog harness locally due to some of the benefits that can accrue such as the ability to take your dog along with you to try it on before buying. If you do buy it online, choose a trusted retailer like Amazon that has a hassle free return policy just in case you pick the wrong harness size for your dog.

Here are the steps to follow when you want to put on an easy dog harness.

1: Step Into Dog Harness

The first thing you want to do here is to check to see if the harness is marked for the right or left side. Most aren't, but if it is, then you need to ensure each leg gest in the proper hole.

Lay the harness flat on the ground and then walk your pet over to the harness. Place each paw in the holes set on the ground so that your pooch ends up standing directly over the harness. Once your dog has maintained this stand, pull it up around the chest and buckle it over your dog's back or the side depending on the type of the dog harness you purchased.

Once you've done this, you've ended up putting on a dog harness. But if you have a pet that doesn't cooperate or is difficult to deal with, you might want to try the Over-the-head Dog Harness.

2. Over-the-head Dog Harness

The over-the-head dog harness is much simpler but it is easier to do, and from experience, most dog owners prefer this method as well.
To do this method, you need to check and unbuckle the harness as we did in the first stage.

The aim is to fit your dog's head into the harness, but first, you need to figure out which part of the hole your dog's head needs to go into. Most of the harnesses are quite similar, but you might notice some differences as manufacturers tend to add a thing or two to differentiate their works.

Fitting the easy dog harness into your dog is easy to do, but it can be a bit tricky. The shape of the dog harness at the end is one thing you need to keep in mind. The D-ring needs to be positioned at the back of the dog or the chest.

Once this has been placed, you will need to slide the harness over your dog's head and then buckle the harness to his side. If you have a patient dog, this will be the most comfortable dog harness you will fix. It is even simpler than fixing the Step-into Dog Harness. How to stop crazy neighbor dogs from barking