How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth

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There is a link between illness and the health of your mouth and gums. This link is the same for dogs. Tarter can actually cause heart disease by bacteria being carried through the blood. Organs such as kidneys, liver and the brain can be damaged as well. The bacteria that grow in the mouth can spread like poison through your dog.


When to start brushing puppy teeth

You should start Brushing your puppy’s teeth between eight and sixteen weeks is very important and will make it much easy when they are full-grown because they will be used to you cleaning with a dog toothbrush.


Should i get my dog’s teeth cleaned

You should do it yourself or take them in to have it done. It’s really easy to do with the proper toothbrush or finger pads. If your dog has blood gums or soreness you should take them to a vet.

How to brush dog teeth

lets make this easy with a video about how to brush dogs teeth at home

average cost of dog teeth cleaning

If your doing it at home then you can expect to pay just a few dollars. If you take your dog in to have a real scaling type cleaning than expect it be 200 or more. If your pet needs anesthesia then your looking at 2-3 times that cost.


Anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning

this just means that the dental vet is going to clean their teeth without using anesthesia to do the scaling and scraping with an instrument. If your dog is calm about toothbrushing than this is the best option. If your dog is in pain then they may need to go the more expensive route and use drugs to sedate them and help with the pain.

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How often to brush dog how often should you get your dog’s teeth cleaned


According to the animal humane society you should brush your dogs teeth 2-3 times a week. Just like people dogs teeth will go bad if they are not taken care of.


Dental problems in dogs

Dental disease in dogs is actually common. Most people don’t do very well at taking care of their animal’s teeth. It’s hard enough to get some people to brush their own teeth. If your dogs show any of these signs then you may need to take them into a vet who does dog teeth cleaning.

Signs of dog teeth disease

Blood on food or toys, Red or bleeding gums, Vocalizing when they yawn or eat, worse than normal bad breath, bumps in the mouth, shyness about you touching their head, loose teeth, ropey saliva. If your pet is showing these signs then its probably time to see the vet.

Can you brush a dog’s teeth with human toothpaste

I hear this all the time, can dogs use regular toothpaste? It seem to come up over and over. The answer is No, Nope, no way, Never use human toothpaste only use dog tooth paste. Don’t use salt or baking soda either. Here is a great toothpaste if you need a suggestion.

My dog wont let me brush his teeth

The dogs mouth may be sore or the dog may be unsure and scared of what you are doing. Try to calm the dog. If the dog’s mouth hurts then they will not be happy with you brushing it. Give treats and praise when they cooperate.

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Gently Start with gauze and toothpaste. You can also use pre-treated dental wipes. Once they get used to the wipes then you can graduate to a dog toothbrush. Remember to stay calm and use praise. You may have work up to the dental wiping method. It could take a while to make it to the toothbrush.


I recommend using these wipes to work up to the toothbrush.


What to brush dogs teeth with

Use a moistened dog toothbrush withUse a dog toothbrush with soft bristles. Make sure you wet It first and use dog toothpaste. If you do not have a specially designed pet toothbrush, then use your finger and gauze with toothpaste. If you want the best brush that will get both sides at the same time then This is the best option. Find It Here Dual Head dog ToothBrush

Dog Toothbrush with soft bristles


Quick Overview

How to Brush your dogs teeth at Home

  • Only use a toothbrush design for your dog
  • Only use dog toothpaste
  • Let your dog first sample the tooth paste to get them used to it
  • Start with finger wipes if your dog will not allow you to start with a brush
  • Lift the lipto expose your dog’s gums and teeth.
  • Brush with a wet brush soft strokes to clean both teeth and gums
  • Focus on the outside surfaces. You can try to get them all, but Most dogs will not let you do the inside surface unless you have the brush recommended above.
  • Reach all the way back, get the far molars.
  • Remember to reward your pet for cooperating.