Tips on How to Become an Lingerie Model

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How do you start working with the expensive women’s lingerie brands like MarieMur? Becoming a lingerie model won’t be easy for you, but with tips from professionals, you will be able to do it much faster. Here are some recommendations on how to start a career as a lingerie model:


  • Learn how to pose. You will have to work with different bras, seamless lingerie sets, leather harness accessories, as well as many other products. Your task is to understand what pose is better for not only showing the product but also making the people looking at you want to purchase it.

  • Create a portfolio. To make a brand interested in you and your expertise, you should have something to show them that you possess those skills of modeling. Buy a nice set, get a few pictures in different leather harness lingerie, and add it to your portfolio. There are also many online resources where you could post it.

  • Always look for brands that are searching for models. Such underwear brands as MarieMur are always ready for cooperation with models. Often just having a nice portfolio would already make a brand notice you. What’s important for you here is to send out as many requests and applications as possible.

  • Be open to different collaborations. You never know when working with another luxury lingerie brand or shop can lead to even great collaborations and experiences. Don’t turn down offers that don’t seem very exciting to you: at least take look at it and learn more about the company before refusing from working with them.

  • Don’t give up. At first, things will probably not go as planned, but it is not a reason to forget about your goals and dreams. Modeling career is always about hard work and confidence. Keep trying and working on self-improvement. But also keep in mind that you should still take care of yourself and your body.

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Start Your Career as a Lingerie Model Now!

If you are not sure where it is best to start, it’s okay: what’s important is to do at least something to get closer to your dream. There are many brands like MarieMur that are open to new contracts, so visit their website to find more details about it. The MarieMur is a high end fashion brand that works on creating lingerie for women who are open to new styles and experiments. Check out this place to find some interesting offers for models and sales for all ladies. And remember that there is no reason to give up on your dreams!