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Work from home is becoming a new trend as the internet and technology advancement makes it possible to fulfill the tasks. The employers also admire the benefits of allowing employees to work from home. Many industries accept that working remotely, increases productivity, and reduces the investment of creating an office.


And unfortunately, pandemics are forcing people to stay at home, more people than ever are attempting to work from home.


Offices provide the best working atmosphere and facilities so employees can focus on their work. It is difficult to achieve all those facilities and comfort in a house. However, if you choose to work from home, then you can make some changes to your house, to provide you a better environment. Here in this article, you will get to know "the seven ways to make working from home comfortably."

working from home


Make Sure Your Heating and Air is set up to make things comfortable


Spending most of the time in the same working space becomes exhausting without a sound air conditioning and heating system installed. It is even more necessary in places like Central Florida, Texas, Arizona and so on where the summer is scorching hot, or in areas that the winters are really cold. Airtech who offers HVAC services in Central Florida has these tips to share when setting up a home office.

Rebalance your vents-By closing one or two vents in other rooms you can force air into other rooms that are hotter. Be careful not to close too many vents. Closing too many vents will create too much pressure on the system. If you start to experience problems after closing vents make sure to open them back up right away.


Have Clean Air filters-this This helps increase airflow and remove allergens, keeping your system maintained is very important.


Portable heating and cooling-If your office is going to be temporary it simply doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money making changes to your HVAC. If needed use space heaters, windows or portable air conditioners.


After you make sure the temp is good, let’s look at some other tips to make a real home office work.


Get out of those pajamas


When you start working in your comfy clothes like night suits, pajamas, and t-shirts, then you cannot efficiently function because you will not feel like you are at work. If you want to increase your work productivity, you must dress up like you are going to the office.

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When you take a shower in the morning and dress up yourself, you feel more energetic and fresh. It brings back the discipline that has been missing since you are doing work from home. Getting ready also makes you feel good about yourself, and you focus on your job better.


Sometimes, you may need to attend live video sessions with your colleagues or clients. Therefore, you should be ready all the time to participate in such meetings. When you dress up nicely, you leave an excellent impression on your clients or colleagues.



  • Buy office furniture



If you do not have proper furniture in your home office, then you surely need to invest in it. Comfortable furniture relaxes your body, and you can work more expeditiously. Measure the amount of space you have in your office room to make a budget for the furniture. Make a list of things you need for setting a home office. The furniture for the home office includes a table, a comfortable chair, shelves, and cupboards. 


The furniture will be useful for your office and will also enhance the interior of your house. If you do not buy comfortable furniture and you prefer working on a sofa or bed, you will end up with back pain issues.


Make sure that you buy a luxuriously comfortable chair for your home office. Most people work from home about 8 to 16 hours a day, so your seat should have lumbar support features to save you from back pain. 


Make sure to take breaks, get up, move and stretch. Working from home can make it easy to forget to take breaks.



  • Invest in technology



To improve the quality of your work, you need to invest in your home office or workspace. It is the same as when you start a new business, you purchase technologies like phone systems, laptops, computers, or tablets, to perform your work. The investment in technology also depends on the nature of your job.


You should have high-speed Internet at your house. All the work from home takes place with the help of the Internet, and if you do not have a stable internet connection, it will affect the quality of your work. 

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Work from home does not mean that you will start delaying your job due to an internet connection. Therefore, to fulfill your professional commitments, buy a good internet connection.



  • Eat healthily



Unhealthy foods make a person lazy, resulting in decreased productivity and demotivation towards work.

When people work from offices, there is a lunch break time, only at that time people eat food, the rest of the time they work. 


You should make a similar habit by eating during your lunch and snack time and do not munch different snacks the whole day. If you eat vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks, then it can improve your productivity level. You will feel more energetic and can work with great dedication.



  • Lights 



Offices have excellent lights brightening every desk, due to which employees do not feel lazy or sleepy and work actively, resulting in higher productivity. Similarly, if you will install good lights in your home office, you can work more comfortably. Whether you are working on a laptop or files, sufficient light is significant to maintain focus on work.



  • Work in productive hours



Every person does not have the same working capacity and capability. The best part of working from home is you can work during your productive hours. If you have a 9 to 5 job, but you feel more productive during the night, then it will be difficult for you to deliver excellent performance. Work from home gives you the best opportunity to put forward work with full dedication and creativity.




Work from home is all about working freely and giving excellent performance. No matter what tips and ways you follow, your final product should be up to the mark. In the end, your work is what your clients will look upon from you. Every person has a different personality; therefore, in the initial few days, you will have to follow the trial and error rule, where you will try different ways and analyze what is working for you.