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If you have a hard water supply then you have probably experienced some problems like scale inside your pipes, damage on heating elements in appliances like dishwashers, and more. All these are common hard water problems. 


However, a water softener will not only take care of these problems but also give you healthier and more beautiful hair and skin. Read on to find out how to choose a water softener for your home and the options you can get from reputable distributors like observer.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Water Softener 


Before you pull out your wallet or your credit card, make sure you are satisfied with the following factors first;

The Size of the Softener


There are multiple brands in the market selling multiple different units, which come in multiple different forms, shapes, and sizes. For this reason, you have to make sure the size you choose is best suitable to cater to your home requirements. 


Each of the sizes is rated with their efficiency, how they work, and their ability to remove the hardness of the water. You best need to choose them as per your daily water usage in your home as well as the level of water hardness.

Feature and control


Thanks to technology different softeners come with different advanced features to cater to different needs.  Along with other details you are looking at, make sure to check the advanced features and controls of the unit. This includes features like timer control and the main display options. 


Others also come with keypad configurations and different program levels, so you can enter some type of information while it’s being installed for it to work under locked keys, or so you can make the necessary changes and advancement. 

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You also want to think about the type of water softener you want, and for what purpose you need it. Whole house water softeners are meant to keep your whole house water system safe from hard water.


This includes your sinks, showers, pipes, and other water equipment. If you only need a water softener for your kitchen and bathroom, then you might go for a bathroom and washing machine water softener, which just like the name suggests, are installed in the bathroom and the washing machine.

The 5 Best Water Softeners 


Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for and how to choose the one, here are some of the top-rated water softeners by observer



This is a smart and efficient water softener, one of the best-rated in 2021. it is a whole house water softener with a grain capacity of up to 40, 200. This makes sit bets suitable for at least a 4-member household.


It features GE’s advanced technology that allows the system to keep track of and detect water usage and patterns, and optimize regeneration schedules. This allows softened water to be available even when water is most used. 

Waterboss 900 Water Softener 


A water softener system can be quite pricey. If you are on a budget and are looking for a cost-efficient unit then you might want to check out Waterboss 900; it is compact, affordable, and can best suit at least 3-4 people.


It has a grain capacity of 36,400 and can filter water with up to 90GPC hardness. It also only takes 24 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons during the regeneration cycle. It comes with a user-friendly controller to control the regeneration and all the other settings. 

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SpringWell Water Softener System


This is a salt-based system that has proven to be more effective and more efficient than most. It has a 10% crosslink resin and a 32k to 80k grain capacity. It is durable, has a smart control, and flexible for different household sizes


This makes a great choice if you are looking to go digital. Unlike some other softeners that need you to control with little configuration buttons and an LCD screen; you can make all the settings and have complete control from your tablet via Bluetooth connections. 

Fleck 5600SXT


This is another salt-based water softener. It comes with a grain capacity of 48000, a 10% resin, and a digital Fleck control system that is easy to navigate. Except for the limitation of grain options, it is one of the best salt-based water softeners. 


Some of the advantages of Fleck 5600SXT include the fact that it is effective and well certified to NSF standards, it is auto and real demand regeneration, easy to use, simple control, cost-effective, and most importantly, long-lasting. 

Fleck Iron Pro 2 


If you are dealing with well water, iron could make it twice as hard. This means you need a water system that is specially designed to deal with iron. Fleck Iron Pro 2 water softener is particularly designed for this. 


It has a large capacity (with different capacity options ranging from 32k to 80k), more effective when it comes to handling iron, and is Auto regeneration. This makes it suitable for multiple sizes of homes.