AC That Rolls Around? The Top Stand-Up Air Conditioners Found Online!

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The temperature inside your home changes with the seasons. During winter time, the air is a lot cooler and can erratically drop to freezing temperatures. Even when spring comes in, indoor rooms can still feel a bit chilly. When summer rolls around, the humidity and temperature in the room increases; it leaves a sweaty and sticky feeling on the skin that most people don’t like. And finally, the fall season comes around again, dropping indoor temperatures considerably. 

This cycle continues to go on and on each as the years roll by. In fact, such a cycle is inevitable that most moms find a hard time regulating the changes in room temperature when the seasons change. 

For example, installing thermal carpets or heated floors is one solution to the cold but how about the heat? In the same way, air conditioners can be used to combat the heat but it’s not like you can install them everywhere in the house. It’s just too costly! This is especially true if you’re living in such a spacious home. To know more about air conditioning click here.

So what if I told you that you there’s a practical solution to your dilemma? And this solution is no other than portable, stand-up air conditioners.

What Are Stand-Up Air Conditioners?

ACs are often permanently affixed in one area of the house. If you’re using a window type AC, you’re installer will most likely have to cut a big enough hole in your wall to attach the air conditioner in. 

After all, window type ACs need to have its back part facing outside as it exhausts heat outwards. This means that if you’re using the window type, you’re probably reluctant about placing it anywhere else. It would mean cutting up another hole in the wall and you definitely wouldn’t want that, would you? The most probable case is that you buy a new one to attach on another part of the house.

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There are also split-type air conditioners. This type usually packs more power which makes them ideal for larger spaces. Medium-sized offices and establishments often go for the split-type aircon. It’s called “split” because the cooling and exhaust function is separated into two devices connected with a long, cylindrical tube. The exhaust is, of course, placed outside while the cooling counterpart is attached to an inner wall (preferably near the ceiling for better coverage). 

This AC type may be a safer choice when you’re worried about damaging your home interior since it doesn’t take more than a small hole punched into wall or ceiling to install. This is just to give way for tube that’s connecting the split devices. Still, I wouldn’t say that this is the most practical way to regulate the temperature inside your home or office.

We still have one more type to discuss. And obviously, we prefer it enough to actually make a separate section in the article for it. For more information on the types of air conditioning systems available in the market, check out:

Introducing Stand-up or Portable Air Conditioners

Now, this third type is probably what you want to hear about. 

If you: 

  • Are concerned about the possible damages window type ACs might cause your home interior
  • Don’t have enough money to install split-type ACs in different rooms in the house
  • Want a more practical yet effective solution in keeping your home cool and comfy
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Then, there is no doubt about it. What you probably need is a stand up AC.

This is no word play. The device is exactly how it sounds. It functions as an all-around air conditioner which you can conveniently move from one room to another. You don’t need to breach your walls with holes or deal with the expensive maintenance work of split-type ACs, a stand up AC for portability  is light, easy-to-use, and since you can just own one or two and just move it around the house wherever you need it, it’s cost efficient too!

Making your home comfortable need not be expensive. You can prepare for sudden changes climate easily through using innovative and budget-friendly devices. Best of all, they are available online.

There are many online shops and stores that sell great brands for affordable prices. When you shop online, you don’t have to worry about carrying the device over to your house either. Online purchases are delivered door to door. By the time you get your hands on it, all that’s left to do is use it!  Next up