Amazing Ways To Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxury Space

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Do you ever look at your bedroom and wonder, “I wish I could upgrade it, only if I knew the right way”? 


If so, then this article is for you. 


Comfort and relaxation are the two important elements of your bedroom. A good bedroom helps you to relax better at night to your dreamland. If you think your bedroom needs an upgrade but don’t know how to do it, don’t feel overwhelmed. We have compiled five actionable ways to transform your average bedroom into a room of your dreams. 

Tips to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy

Add A Textured Headboard


Various hotel room designs on the Internet, you’ll notice most of the good looking ones use a textured headboard. However, don’t just buy any headboard you see online. Consider the below 3 factors before buying:


  • Material: A headboard made out of hardwood frame, foam padding, and covered back will last for many years. 
  • Size: Always select a headboard that doesn’t seem too tall or too short as compared to the wall. 
  • Installation: Make sure that the headboard attaches to the frame of your bed. You can consult a bedroom advisor, like Anima Domus, and choose a suitable headboard+bed from their premium range.


Change The Curtains

Apart from the function of blocking the sun’s rays from entering the room, curtains can also transform the look of the bedroom from drab to fab. You can choose from the below types of curtains that would best suit your room’s aesthetic:

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  • Coronas: The curtains are hung over the bed by a crown
  • Draperies: These curtains effectively protect the room against varying temperatures.
  • Four-Poster Drapes: Meant for canopy beds, these romantic-theme curtains provide sheer comfort and privacy for sleepers.


Remove Screens


Devices like TVs, Laptops, and Mobiles can cause discomfort in the bedroom. More than an entertainment medium, Social Media becomes a distraction when it’s time to hit the bed. They can hamper or break your sleep, something you badly want after a busy day. 


Sleeping requires a calm mind, and electronic devices just before the bed won’t let you sleep instantly. 


Remove them from your bedroom to experience a better quality of sleep at night.

Change The Bedding


Your bedroom’s color also adds to its luxury. Since painting the walls requires a huge deal of preparation and time, you can start with the bedding instead. It can be done quickly and is relatively inexpensive. 


Finalize the color theme and then order a new duvet, throw pillows, and a set of sheets to enhance your room’s appeal. Purchasing a quilt to add texture and life to the room isn’t a bad idea either. 


Ensure that your beddings don’t contrast with the colors of the room. Go with complementary hues to achieve harmony in the room. Contrasting colors may come across as too overwhelming and make you feel uneasy. It will also bar you from having a good night’s sleep.

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Update The Lighting


When you look at your bedroom, how do you feel? Does it look spectacular, or do you find them dull and gloomy? If it’s the latter, you should consider updating the lighting in the room. 


You can invest in a good chandelier or bedroom décor to highlight the room’s ceiling. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can make a DIY pendant light or use your creative skills to create a personalized chandelier that will be as unique as you are.




Making small changes to your bedroom like changing your beddings, investing in a headboard and installing curtains can have compounding effects on the look and feel of your bedroom. It also helps you to relax better, lulling you into a good night’s sleep. The tips mentioned in this article will help your bedroom become the premium space you always desired.