What Is Pluto TV

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What is Pluto TV

Similar to Sling TV but free Pluto TV is an app channel and a website where you seriously get over 100 channels free. If you go to the webpage you see live tv playing on the home page, no login required. http://pluto.tv/tv/

Channels from all over the web from many different channels all in one place free with both live TV playing and on-demand content. They even have a guide to scroll through and see what’s on like dish or cable.

Free TV, a cord cutters dream

Being a free service Pluto TV is the second most popular channel on Roku, only after Youtube. If your serious about being a cord cutter this is in the top five must-haves. Looking through the channels you will see some you recognize and a lot your probably never heard of. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it will give you more options that you won’t be getting from Hulu or Netflix. The only downside is your stuck with commercials, but hey who can complain if its free it’s me.

Pluto Offers over 100 TV channels of comedy, sports, weather, live news with thousands of on-demand options. You Can find shows like Cash Cab, Kitchen Nightmares, Storage Wars, and mystery science theater. Are you missing the Jerry Springer Show? You can find it here. I’m not seeing new movies and many I don’t recognize at all, but they offer a good variety of old ones including great ones. I just watched Beverly Hills Cop up next is Swordfish. Some other examples of great movies you can find are Executive Decision, Johnny Mnemonic, Troy. If you’re just interested in add ons and not cutting the cord then pluto pairs well with cable tv as well.


Internet Gold

To me, this seems like a waste of time. This is a feature appears to be a collection of random videos they find on the internet. I have tried to check them out a few times, but the ads in between every one of the clips sent me running for anything but this.



For a free service, they have surprisingly a lot of News options. A few for example that offer Live Broadcasts are CBS News, Bloomberg, and RT America. You can find Top stories channels to stay updated on the latest headlines on Sky News and Newsy Top Stories. The even have a weather channel.


What about sports?

Not a good choice for the biggest name sports, but if you’re into poker and fighting you have some good options. Here are a few things you can find on Pluto. Glory Kickboxing Fight, World Poker Tour, a dedicated Sports News network, the Big Sky Network, and Impact Wrestling.

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Streaming Radio Stations included with Pluto tv

I personally love free online radio. I currently am a big fan of slacker radio. When in the living room I usually put on prime music through Amazon either using Alexa or the firestick. Lately, I have been really frustrated with prime music, why? Because of my kids. If anyone else is streaming then you are done, just one at a time. They can even stop your music playing and take over your stream on their device. And let me tell you that’s B.S.

I recently came across the radio stations provided by Dash Radio on Pluto. They have lots of options from rock to pop and even jazz and hip-hop. Best of all the kids can’t take my stream! It’s free so I really can’t complain about limited options.

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How to Watch Pluto TV, Compatible Devices

You just need a compatible streaming device. Find a device and download the app channel or you can even just go to the website and watch it in a browser. Many devices are compatible which means just about anyone can find a way to use it. Here’s are compatible devices to choose from.


Amazon devices (kindle fire, Fire TV, Fire Stick)

IOS mobile and tablet

Apple TV (4th Gen)

Android mobile & tablet

Android TV

Google Nexus Player

Google Chromecast

Chrome Web App

Roku devices from the Pluto website

  • Roku 1 + Roku 2 + Roku SE = Models 27XX (+Roku 2 42XX)
  • Roku 3 + Roku 4 = Models ALL
  • Roku MHL Streaming Stick = Model 34XX
  • Roku HDMI Streaming Stick = Models 35XX + 3600X
  • Roku Random = Model 400, 2450, 2500, 26XX, 30XX, 31XX, 42XX.

Unsupported Roku Devices = Firmware  7 and below

  • All Rokus with firmware versions below v 7.0
  • All Roku legacy devices including -Roku DVP (N1000), Roku SD (N1050), Roku HD (N1100), Roku HD-XR (N1101), Roku HD (2000C), Roku XD (2050X) and Roku XDS (2100X)

See Pluto’s website for latest Pluto Compatability 


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