What is Traditional Surrogacy and Why is it so Demanded Today

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Medicinally, surrogate motherhood means a process in which an embryo obtained after in vitro fertilization (that is, in vitro) of the sex cells of the spouses, biological parents of the unborn child, is implanted into another woman to carry the fetus and give birth to a child. In this case, the so-called assisted reproductive technologies or surrogacy solutions are used – special medical methods of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer with its subsequent implantation. And a woman who gives birth to a child is called a surrogate mother.


Surrogacy services have become sought-after for the last decade. One of the reasons is the readiness of women to become surrogate mothers. Moreover, it has become legal in many countries, so it doesn’t violate the law. People from the USA and Europe often turn to such services. For instance, a surrogacy agency World Center of Baby located in Kiev is one of the most trusted and highly estimated. Its conditions are clear, and prices much lower than in many countries. The price of surrogacy services varies from $90,000 and $150,000 in the USA. The same tendency is observed in France, Ireland, Germany, and other Western countries. Ukrainian women are more fortunate in this regard than many residents of Europe. Surrogacy in Kiev is not only legal but also regulated by articles of the Family Code. This means that a woman is not only taking part in a completely legal procedure but can also count on the support of the state.

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The requirements for surrogate mothers at the surrogacy agency


Of course, standards are strict and closely vetted. The following requirements are imposed on candidates for participation in the program:

  • Having a child who was born naturally (without a cesarean section).
  • Age 18-44.
  • Mental and physical health (checked by doctors in preparation for the program).
  • Absence of habits (this fact is checked by special analyzes before and during participation in the program).

The surrogacy procedure is completely legal. Even more: it is spelled out in the laws of Ukraine, which protect both sides of the program, that is, surrogate mothers and biological parents of the child. Clinics ensure 100% confidentiality of all program participants.


Surrogacy Agency – the Best Solution for People who are Craving for a Child

It is difficult to overestimate the work that surrogate mothers and egg donors undertake. Its importance is reinforced by the worthy reward that every surrogate mother receives for her efforts. As well as a truly invaluable bonus will be the understanding that a woman has given the happiness of having children to those people who have fought for their happiness for many years.


Why is it advantageous to opt for a surrogacy clinic:

  • Such establishments offer the services of professionals. A team of experienced fertility specialists, geneticists, and embryologists, collaborating with leading experts from highly developed countries keep abreast of time.
  • Expert equipment. High-tech complex, including laboratories of molecular genetics, embryology, and andrology.
  • Innovation. Advanced molecular genetics techniques that enhance IVF success and help deliver a healthy baby.
  • Cryobanks. Modern cryobanks have the best quality donor sperm, eggs, and embryos for IVF donor programs.
  • Program selection of surrogate services. Each client can choose the program that suits him, taking into account financial capabilities and medical indications. The cost varies depending on personal preferences.
  • A complex approach. Complex solution of all tasks within one medical center, continuity in the work of all its therapeutic and diagnostic departments.
  • Reliability. Full compliance of the entire procedure with the current legislation. Most clinics have a forum where one can easily find true reviews and stories.
  • Ethical issues. There are gay or lesbian pairs who want to have a surrogate mother service. Clinics are not biased to such customers and treat them like others.
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If a pair wishes to have a baby, turning to an agency is the perfect solution. Gestational surrogacy is a reality of the XXI century, and it is great that people who suffer from reproductive health issues still can have children.