What to Do if You Have Rats in Your Apartment

Seeing rats on the streets are bad enough, but seeing one in your apartment is another concern entirely. At first, you can try to avoid it, but the constant scratching and gnawing will make the problem hard to ignore. Though nobody wants unwanted visitors, the intrusion of rodents and wildlife is some of the most…

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How to Tackle Household Pests


  We all know that getting rid of pests is annoying and extremely exhausting. These small insects can hide in almost any corner of our homes. Sometimes, the infestation is not even visible, which means that there is nothing we can do to stop these pesky creatures from invading our living space.   According to…

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4 Types of Common Home Pests and How to Control Them

fly control

Flies: They can be house flies and fruit flies. Because they travel through different areas, they act as a carrier of a disease. Some of the diseases they spread are typhoid, fever, dysentery, and cholera. Mosquitoes cause itchiness and discomfort when they bite your skin. In places where flies are mostly found, it is considered…

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Do Household Pests Cause Allergies and Illnesses?

roach under foot

  The majority of people probably aren’t too keen on creepy crawlies, bugs, and pests in their homes. They can set up homes in attics, basements, cracks in the walls and they like to invade larders and get into any open food containers.   What you may not have considered is that besides many of…

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Pest Prevention and Control in Kitchen

cockroach in kitchen bugs

No one wants to see creepy little bugs crawling around inside their house. Especially in the kitchen! It is the last place where you want an infestation. Most of us consider the kitchen as the heart of our beautiful homes. It’s a place filled with delicious food, family, and lots of love. T uninvited guests…

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