Determining Where To Move In California

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California is a land of activities and exploration. All kinds of sporting activities define the state, multiple cities represent nodal points for worldwide media as well as technology, and the natural landscape can be breathtakingly beautiful. From the peaceful yet powerful Pacific to the towering redwoods which sandwich San Francisco, there’s much beauty in California.


It can be difficult to find a place to live with so many excellent options to choose from! You’ll want to be careful here, and know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s quite helpful to consider leased options for a few years as you get your bearings.


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Los Angeles Is Like A Patchwork Quilt

Each city in Los Angeles has its own pulse, its own advantages, its own intrigues, and its unique community. See, it’s not just one city. It’s a city made up of cities. It’s like somebody strung together two hundred small towns.


Los Angeles has Eagle Rock, Glendale, and Pasadena to the northeast, East LA leading into the vast inland empire to the east, Alameda, South Central, Compton, and Orange County to the south, Koreatown, Hollywood, and Santa Monica to the west.


In between these more well-known cities are hundreds of smaller districts. The vast San Fernando Valley has a number of interesting little “cities”. They’re essentially unbroken, but idiosyncratic law applies in different districts, and you’ll notice infrastructural management can distinctly differ from one place to another.


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Strategic Location

Finding the right place to live can be very complicated, and this extends throughout the state itself. If you were in Los Angeles, you would likely want to orient where you live in terms of where you need to be most regularly. Truly, those in the market for luxury would do well to consider Linea luxury apts.


These units are located off Sepulveda, near the I-405. This interstate goes from San Diego up through the middle of Los Angeles to the I-5. It can be crowded, but if you’re near it, you’ll have ready access. Most of the real crowding occurs as cars get lined up near the on-ramps. Though it can be horrendous on the interstate, once you’re on it, things do move; if slowly.

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Meanwhile, if you’re up in San Francisco, you might actually look at units across the Bay Bridge in Oakland. While San Francisco proper does have many excellent properties to rent or own, prices are exceptionally high, and second-tier units are located amidst an exponentially pernicious veneer of localized impoverishment.


If you don’t get the right unit, you could have much unpleasant collateral “excitement” to contend with. Meanwhile, though Oakland has its own reputation, prices aren’t quite as high as in San Francisco, and so you can get a lot more for a lot less. Just consider these Atlas high rise apartments.


Exploring The State

South of San Francisco and Los Angeles is San Diego. It’s a pricey city, but it’s also one of the better big cities on the coast in terms of cleanliness and amenities. North of San Francisco are Fresno, Sacramento, and Redland. On the northwest coast you’ll have tiny little towns all the way until you’re just south of the Oregon border.

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There you’ll encounter a city of about 30k to 40k residents called Eureka. This is a beautiful little town with surprising entertainment, a temperate-to-cold year-round atmosphere, and access to both the sea and redwoods. On the east side of California, there’s desert in the south, and mountains like those of the Rockies to the north.


There are some fine secluded towns up in this region of the state, and the atmosphere is much more similar to a place like Idaho or Montana. As you can see, you’ve got a lot to choose from in California. Narrow it down by figuring out what your non-negotiable items are in terms of luxury, as well as location.


Even if you live in L.A., that doesn’t mean you can’t take trips up to the Redwoods, or south to the San Diego Zoo. Figure out what you want, and where you’re most likely to find it. One thing is sure: in California, there’s something for everyone. Let yourself get into the hunt a little bit, look at multiple properties, and find the units that best match you.