Best Ways To Treat Your Hair Like A Pro

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It is hard to keep your hair healthy and strong nowadays. Too much hot tools, gels, hair sprays we have to use every day. It is almost impossible to find free time for a hair mask or relaxing session in a hair salon. Visit to find out more about all hair care procedures you can try. Here we gathered the most essential tips for looking after your hair.

Apply Mask Before The Gym

Usually, we do quite the opposite. We apply hair masks after the gym. However, stylists recommend using the mask to prevent salt from the sweat that your body produces getting into your hair. This way you will protect your hair. Moisture from the mask will be sealed in the hair. The harder you work out the deeper mask ingredients get.

Apply Dry Shampoo Properly

We believe we know how to use dry shampoo. Well, mainly because it is obvious. But not so fast! This process is not as simple as you think. Instead of spraying the dry shampoo all over your hair with your hands, try to apply it on the roots and then use the blow dryer to blast it out evenly. Don’t rub it aggressively into your hair. You can damage it.

Avoid Using Shampoo Too Often

Hairstylists can’t get tired of warning us to not shampoo our hair every time we take shower. And we can’t get tired of mishearing them. However, if we don’t want dry hair, we’d better start listening to them. Washing our hair with shampoo every day can erase natural oil from our hair. Shiny and moisturized hair can be achieved even if you shampoo it once or twice a week. You will find more recommendations on your shampoo routine on

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Apply Conditioner Right

Don’t massage your scalp with conditioner. Your hair may turn into something greasy and dull. Stylists recommend keeping the distance of up to 5 inches to your scalp. While your hair needs conditioner with all its nutritious ingredients, your scalp has its own natural oils, which are enough for you.

Choose The Perfect Brush

And again, we have already discussed it on, but if you have missed it, the main idea is to pick the hairbrush that suits your type of hair and your hairdo. Different brushes have different features. Soft bristles on brushes allow you to detangle your wet hair, boar-bristles make the hair smooth. The best option for long hair is a paddle brush. If you need to remove static electricity from your hair, use Denman brushes.

Dry Your Hair With T-Shirt

It is not as weird as it sounds. Many professional hair stylists recommend using an old cotton t-shirt, instead of an expensive towel. Wet hair is extremely fragile. And the fabric of the towel can be too rough for it. Cotton helps to prevent damage.

How To Save Money

We gathered here recommendations of famous hairstylists that don’t cost a thing. You may start treating your hair properly right now. If you know more helpful advice, share them with us!